Thank God that the Iron Curtain collapsed. #deathtocommunism
19 hours ago
There's still bullet holes on the walls of the imperial Palace... Also a few American tanks in the garden.
9 days ago
I find myself agreeing with a lot of the fascist ideology lately, and honestly it would be a quick fix to actually getting things done which is next to impossible with a democratic system. But we are to sensitive and blind to realize this. This by no means is me saying Hitler did nothing wrong. Just the idea of traditional values, nation wide patriotism, and a single party state are just really appealing. #radicalnationalist #conservative #fascism #makecanadagreatagain #makeamericagreatagain #andrewscheer2019 #trump2020 #trump #fucktheleft #deathtocommunism #republican
26 days ago
Although I know it is hard to believe, I have found that Communism has infiltrated our nation’s military! I am aware that many of you will not believe me, but I am absolutely sure of it. I will not stop until the truth is brought to light. Televised interviews and accusations of military personnel will soon come... #DeathToCommunism #FreeTheMilitary
1 month ago
2 months ago
I know it’s a day late but #Communism #Memes #DeathToCommunism
2 months ago
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