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@Regranned from @wonderwoman_3897 - A Bow view of the comparatively lightly damaged battleship, USS Maryland with the burning USS West Virginia behind her the capsized USS Oklahoma beside her, Pearl Harbor, US Territory of Hawaii Dec 7, 1941. Source: United States Navy Identification Code: 80-G-19949 The Attack on Pearl Harbor pt.2: The plan called for multiple waves of attack, systematically targeting and destroying specific ships, airfield, aircraft, and drydocks. In order to effectively use torpedoes in the shallow harbor, the torpedoes were fitted with fins so that they would run closer to the water's surface without diving into the mud. Yamamoto assigned the task of attacking Pearl Harbor to Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo. A total of 24 vessels supported the six aircraft carriers in its journey from Hitokappu Bay in the Kurile Islands in northern Japan toward Hawaii via northern route on Nov 26, 1941. In the basement of the Pacific Fleet headquarters building in Hawaii, Joseph Rochefort and his intelligence team had been tasked with keeping an eye on the disposition of Japanese warships for months, with much information sourced from intercepted radio messages. Events such as Japanese changing warship call signs twice in a short period of time, the increased level of radio message encryption, and the sudden disappearance of at least four fleet carriers from US knowledge (his team had mistakenly placed one or two Japanese carriers in the Marshall Islands) made him suspicious of Japanese intentions. #worldwar2 #worldwar2series #united_historians #pearlharbor #theattackonpearlharbor #dec71941 #adaytoremember #adaythatwillliveininfamy STAY TUNED FOR MORE! - #regrann
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@Regranned from @wonderwoman_3897 - Today I'm going to start posting about Pearl Harbor in quick posts as the day comes closer. In June 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt moved the American Pacific Fleet from San Diego, California on the west coast of the United States to Pearl Harbor in the Territory of Hawaii as a response to Japan's aggression toward China, followed by the embargo of vital raw materials to the newly industrialized Japan. Meant to coerce Japan to back off her aggressive policies toward her neighbors, these moves instead tempted Japan to escalate the situation. The advancing of the Pacific Fleet was viewed as the most current of a long series of insults on Japanese pride, while the embargo only tempted the Japanese to secure South Pacific Islands rich with oil, rubber, tin, and tungsten for themselves. Admiral Isoruko Yamamoto, whose personal opinion was against a war with the United States, was tasked with constructing the very war plan. He was confident and he could engineer a devastating attack on the US Navy, but he also believed that unless Japan had a way to march her armies straight into Washington, it was not wise to engage in war with the US for an extended period of time due to the vast US industrial potential. In Oct 1941, the Japanese naval general staff gave final approval to Yamaoto's general plan of attack. In Nov 1941, Yamaoto added Pearl Harbor to the list of targets. Yamaoto's strike plan for Pearl Harbor with contribution from Commander Minoru Genda, involved six fleet carriers, thus making it the largest carrier strike in history. #worldwar2 #worldwar2series #pearlharbor #dec71941 #united_historians #worldwar2history #rememberinghistory #worldwar2posts Sources: Elliot Carlson, Joe's Rochefort's War Dan van der Vat, The Pacific Campaign Armchair Reader World War 2 United States Army United States Navy Naval History and Heritage Command United States Navy Report of Japanese Raid on Pearl Harbor Wikipedia World War 2 Database #worldwar2database STAY TUNED FOR MORE! Note: Picture has to do with the Arizona sinking to the bottom of Pearl Harbor). More to come! - #regrann
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Damn this month goes out to everyone that passed on and to all those souls lost 76yrs ago.. we also lost the USS ARIZONA! #pealharbor #dec71941
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Pearl Harbor. December 7th 1941. Remembering those who served and gave their lives for their country. Japans biggest mistake! #pearlharbor #dec71941 #usa #us #unitedstatesofamerica #unitedstates #veterans #military #soldiers #japan #bigmistake #bestcountryonearth #america #american #americanhistory #history #sacrifice #thankyou #thankyouveterans
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#PearlHarborDay: December 7, 1941. Today, we honor the 2,403 citizens of the US who were killed in the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Let's take a moment to remember these hero's and silently thank them for their courage, heroism, and love for our country πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #NeverForget #PearlHarbor
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πŸ“Έ @markozgeist - Today is a day to remember those who so selfishly gave the full measure of sacrifice for this Country 76 years ago. Remember our past so we do not repeat it. God Bless all who have served! Amen #Dec71941 #PearlHarborRememberanceDay #MarkGeist #OZ #AmericansFirst #SemperFi #hawaiisbestphotos #hawaii
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Thank you to all who served this great country, and for the sacrifices you have made for our #Freedom #dec71941 #adatewhichwillliveininfamy #pearlharbor #pearlharborsurvivor #ussarizona #Hawaii #Mahalo #aloha #ww2 #wewilneverforget
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