(NOM) jack thank you for always being there for me listening to me complain and for letting me cry when I need to for never judging me for making me laugh none-stop all the time for putting up with all my craziness your truly one of the most amazing ppl I know you’ve been there for me through so much tonight we talked about a lot of stuff I was able to get off my chest about you’ve made me a better person and I can’t thank you enough for caring about me for just being there saying “hey if you need me just let me know” making me laugh calling me a bitch it’s so funny we get pissed off at each other and get mad and then get over it you get so pissed at me sometimes you tell me I do the dumbest shit but oh well we laugh about it a day later and we’ve became so close we talk about so much shit i would never talk about with anyone else lol I send you ducks and piss you off and then I feel bad and apologize and then you tell me to f***k off we have a bond that no one could ever break we do stupid shit, we talk about stupid shit, we act stupid shit but I love you and I wouldn’t change any of it and you call me asshat and it makes me so mad I mean ugh but I deserve it sometimes and your so mean to me a lot of the times wouldn’t even get me a donkey I’m still mad but oh well so again thank you I’ll always be here for you and you know that keep your head up I love you assface @jackintheboxjones #bestfriends4ever #degrassi #jackandadam #ily
2 hours ago
Last pic #degrassi
2 hours ago
Wake up, Tristan!!!!! Wake up!!!! Wake up!!!!!@lickmystars #gotsohooked #degrassi
3 hours ago
__ he lost himself ac; @dazedaudios dt; everyone who didn't get over his death show; degrassi:the next generation __ I have a love hate relationship with this edit but Campbell Saunders deserves better ! I love him & miss him __ #campbellsaunders #campbellsaundersedit #degrassi #degrassinextgeneration #degrassiedit
5 hours ago
young james dean,some say he looked just like his father🌹. ✖️✖️✖️ ✖️✖️✖️ ✖️✖️✖️. #craigmanning #degrassi #like4like #likeforlike #degrassiroleplay #degrassinextclass #roleplaying #roleplay #rp
6 hours ago
S A A D + L O L A ❣️ - #Degrassi #DegrassiNextClass
7 hours ago
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