#Democrats are like leeches and vampires... always trying to suck the life out of everything. #Liberals #California #Taxes #Socialism #Fascism
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#Trump’s impact on #ACA enrollment: What you need to know. Link in Bio.
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#symonedsanders Yes I’m laying in bed in my hotel room with lashes. I was on tv this morning, so leave me alone lol. 2) DEMOCRATS CANNOT SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. Don’t let the republicans lie to you. 🗣️🗣️🗣️ #Democrats #Politics #Republicans -#Shutdown
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President Donald Trump brings Ivanka Trump to the stage as he speaks to H&K Equipment Company and takes tour of H&K Equipment Company with owners Peter Cicero and George Koch, right, during a visit to promote his tax and economic plan with Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin in Coraopolis, Pa.
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It's now on to the Senate. #shutdown #democrats
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I know you guys feel my pain when people complain about Trump but didn’t care about nominating the strongest candidate to face Trump. Here are five headlines I wrote in early 2016 warning Democrats that Trump would beat Clinton. We had hard data, poll after poll showing Clinton struggling against Trump and Sanders dominating and nobody cared. Looking ahead to 2020, the DNC ‘unity’ panel has recommended a 60 percent reduction in the number of superdelegates. I’m optimistic that if executed, this reduction would drastically democratize the democratic primary process. But if closed primaries are not eliminated, I still worry that the most “electable” candidate in the primaries won’t be the most electable in the general election. We need to open our doors. What do you think?
21 minutes ago
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