So, The Exorcist. Considered to be the most frightening movie of all time, which drew crowds like no other scary movie of it's time and actually had it's audience members vomiting, fainting, hyperventilating with ambulances called to wherever it played, was actually based on a true story. It's based off the case of Roland Doe (a pseudonym) a 14 yr old Maryland boy who was truly believed to have been possessed. It all started in the summer of 1948. Roland's Aunt passed away, and he started hearing these weird scratching sounds coming from his basement. Then he began seeing images, religious images moving. Next came the moving mattress, the smell of human feces, and pounding noises in the basement. Not only did the family witness all this, but friends attest to the activity. Then the spirit began following Roland to school, so he has to stop going. The mother eventually tried to talk to the demon, and it claimed to be the dead Aunt, then the mattress Roland was laying on fell to the floor. It was at this time that she knew she couldn't do this on her own, and she called for help. They turned to their Lutheran pastor, who quickly saw that he could not help the situation. He recommended a Catholic priest, and after witnessing the boy scream at him in Latin, that Catholic priest requested to do an Exorcism. The boy was taken to Georgetown University Hospital, a Jesuit run institution, where he could be cared for. On the first exorcism, the child actually broke his restraints and attacked the priest with a bedspring. The priest carried that physical scar for the rest of his life. There were scratches all over the boys body, just appearing from nowhere. Eventually it's said you could see words in the scratches, and after 5 days Roland was taken back home. At this point the parents attempted to baptize Roland, but he became violent. That didn't work. At this point the family moved to St Louis, and hooked up with a priest named Fr William Bowdern (52). **Continued in comments** #exorcist #exorcism #theexorcist #possessed #possession #demon #demons #haunted #horror #Blockbuster #classic #priest #Catholic #spirits #classic #stlouis #Maryland #whatdoyouthink #paranormal
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"... At times I would succeed to get rid of the demons. To send them back through the passage in the broken mirror. But they kept coming back to me. As if their home was here all along… Within my souls existence. Thinking about it always makes me a little restless. Still today, I find them living inside of me. A long time ago they came and I guess, they simply forgot to check out of here. I didn't know my soul had become a hotel for the unknown world and all of his darkness. But now, I know. I'm sure of it cause I see things... Things beyond my wildest imagination. And I'm quite imaginative too. And the worst part is, it seems like they've settled in for good. If I could chase them away, I would. And I have tried to do so… So many times. I failed. No surprise there. They walk by my side in the daylight. They watch me sleep in the darkest hour of the night. They stroll down the memory lanes... Like they're searching for something. But I've learned... Maybe if I lose my soul. Maybe they'll go away." #ImStillHere #demons #soulless #darkness #writerslife #poet #world #imagination #acting #blackandwhite #portrait #eyes #makeupfree #mask #therealme #iamalien #marsian #boxer #fearless My new book "I'm Still Here" will be out in January 2018. Hope you guys like this tiny dark piece of demonology. 😂 (Yes, I often invent words.) Btw, I apologize for my demon like look, but I felt like the picture's a match. Was I wrong? I think not. 😄 Anyway, don't let the demons get to you. Have a wonderful day and an awesome life guys. Stay strong. ☺️💪❤️
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You'll never win. That's a fact. #demons
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Imagine Dragon's Demons talks about the secret struggles we all go through. Check out the blog to see my take of the Christian Perspective on the Issue full post. Link in bio #imaginedragons #demons #review #music #bible #Danieclectic #blogger #blogger #Follow #followme
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