The New Murderers. not a punk band, your 2018 Yankees! the next 1927 Murderer’s Row #didigregorius #aaronjudge #garysanchez #giancarlostanton @yankees @theyankeereport @zack_hample @mlb #yankees #thenewmurderers #2018yankees
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Sir Didi is clutch @sirdidig18
8 hours ago
Sorry for the late update. The Yankees have traded away Chase Headley mainly to get rid of his contract. Also the Yankees are considering a trade for Manny Machado. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ #yankees #newyorkyankee #aaronjudge #goat #pinstripepride #beast #newyork #garysanchez #didigregorius #aaronjudge #mvp #roty #mlb #hype #otani #arod #jlo #carlosbeltran #aaronboone #machado #stanton
1 day ago
Yankees also interested in trading for Machado but that’s very unlikely. I don’t see the Chris Archer trade happening either. What do you guys think?👇👇👇
1 day ago
Greg Bird💣💣💣
1 day ago
Happy birthday @gleyberdavid One of the greatest days in my life... Gleyber Torres (@gleyberdavid) was the first professional athlete to like my edit... this edit is on my edit account, @631grfx Be sure to follow @631grfx
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A collective belief creates momentum and an energy for change. We created “Humble Ground” to highlight how the love for a game can stimulate an entire economy. Debuts this Friday on my Facebook & YouTube.
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The Big 3💣💪🏾😈 - New editor: @jc.designs
2 days ago
Headley is heading out. He will be missed, he was with us for bad years and good. He’s now going back to San Diego. He got traded to the Yankees a couple of years ago and hit a walk-off in his first game as he flew in from San Diego during the game! Great news is that 3rd base is now open.
2 days ago
Cashman making moves this offseason Is Blash* not Walsh my bad
3 days ago
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