I’ve been super stoked while also saddened and triggered by the attention that misogyny and sexualized violence has been getting... but with every movement there are the faulty figureheads. I tried so hard for a long time to like both Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham... I think they’ve both been criticized by bullshit sexist shit. They both have introduced feminism to lots and lots of young people many of whom will go on to learn more intersectional ways of using it. But feminism isn’t a marketing scheme, it isn’t a tool of capitalism. Feminism is breaking down barriers, dismantling racial and economic oppression, and hoisting up and advocating for other women! Feminism is smashing the gender binary and toxic gender roles. I wish these strong women were using their positions of influence and power to bring attention to the prison industrial complex, sex trafficking, institutional poverty.. I think if yr a feminist this should be part of your work, your daily struggle. There are so many things to fight for, and we all need to heal our own wounds, but never use the word feminism to gain profits and notoriety. . . This witch is done. Over and out. #badasswitch . . #whitefeminism #intersectionalfeminism #dismantlepatriarchy #anticapitalist #radicalfeminist #lenadunham #taylorswift #popaganda #bitchmagazine #metoomovement #witchesofinstagram . . @bitchmedia inspired this post
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I made people. We have a sign at our house that says, "women make everything, especially money." The first time I put it up, my 15 month old son tore it down. 😁😁 But that doesn't mean it's not true. 💰Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases. 💰Over the next decade, women will control two-thirds of all consumer wealth in the United States. 💰Over 9 million businesses are owned by women. If you aren't already finding ways to create a living from your life, or if you need help refocusing now is the time. ⏰ We need your spending power aimed at change. Surplus of support for ecological, ethical, and sustainable business. 💰 We need your heart + mind engaged in problem solving, excited about your experience, and enjoying your life because this is the only time we have. Don't let anxiety, or fear, or uncertainty steal your future. Write the book. Make the call. Speak up because nothing lasts but the impact you've made through the stories you tell. What will yours be?? #beyourownhero Sign up for a free business consultation using the click able link "free fifteen" in my bio.
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We'd like to thank all those who supported us on #GivingTuesday. This year we managed to raise an incredible $10,000 via our @globalgiving fund!! Funds raised will go directly towards providing more tools and training to our amazing network of Community Correspondents. These women and men are video activists who are working hard on the ground to #dismantlepatriarchy, empower women and bring positive change in their communities. Thank you for helping us to help them. #fundraising #GlobalGiving #globalgoals #givingseason #CommunityCorrespondents #changemakers #communitymedia #womenrights #womenempowerment #India
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"You don't need a big camera to bring a big impact." The U.S. Consulate General Mumbai recently felicitated our Community Correspondent and Maharashtra State Coordinator Rohini Pawar at its 4th Women’s Safety and Empowerment Film Contest marking the UN's #16daysofactivism against gender-based violence. Eight selected films were screened and Rohini's film declared the runner-up after an on-the-spot voting in which over 600 people participated. "I was the only one to speak in Hindi on the stage and the only one from a rural background. But the response my work received was heartening, many people came up to me and asked about VV's bottom-up model of journalism. In the presence of huge cameras, dignitaries and film personalities, everyone was amused by what one small camera can do when I told them how I made my video," says Rohini. Rohini's award-winning film is about an ancient temple in Maharashtra's Pune that barred women for 400 years. With her small video and her activism, Rohini and the women in her village managed to strike a blow to patriarchy in religion. For Rohini, temple entry is also a question of access to public spaces and equality for all genders and castes. Here's Rohini, being given the award by filmmaker Alankrita Srivastava whose film Lipstick Under My Burkha was sought to be banned for being too 'lady-oriented'. Rohini, despite similar retaliation from many sections of the society, continues her brilliant work undaunted. You can watch the film here: https://youtu.be/QKz3wu8Y_uQ #UNWomen #orangetheworld #safetyandempowerment #genderviolenceawareness #CommunityCorrespondent #LipstickundermyBurkha #activism #genderactivist #changemaker #humanitarian #humanrights #mobility #humanrightswatch #womeninleadership #videoactivist #Indiasactivists #womensrights #genderequality #digitalactivism #dismantlepatriarchy #India #TherealIndia
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Love this woke loaf of bread made by my comrades Rob and Monica @chickenbridgebakery #whatwouldlorenabobbittdo #dismantlepatriarchy #endrapeculture
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"16-year-old Shemel Mercurius struggled through a painful 20-minute wait for an ambulance, but in that time, she told authorities about a 25-year-old man who wanted to date her and would not take no for an answer." Ok can we also talk about the 20 minute wait for an ambulance? Damnnn #SayHerName #ShemelMercurius #BlackWomenandGirlsMatter #911Really #dismantlepatriarchy
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Community Correspondent @shikhakumari.paharin conducts a discussion club to discuss various aspects of patriarchal control in women's lives in her community in rural #Jharkhand. Here's a snapshot of one such discussion on #maritalrape. Marital rape continues to be a contentious issue in #India with government recently defending the right of a husband to #rape his minor wife. One of the participants recounts hee gut wrenching tale and how she has no recourse to this 'private shame'. Join us on December 12 from 1pm on Twitter for an hour-long conversation on #vaw. When we think of #violenceagainstwomen, we think of #acidattack and #rape in public spaces. But how safe are our homes? There are myriad ways in which women are subject to violence, even in tge sacrosanct space that is the Indian #family. Let us talk about the things that promote a culture of gendered #discrimination and violence. #patriarchy #gender #honour #ruralindia#khelbadal #dismantlepatriarchy#smashpatriarchy #communitymedia#videovolunteers #mypixeldiary #khabar#india #indianwomen #incredibleindia
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We should all be worried about the levels of racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia in the world...and we need to face it too. Love doesn’t Trump hate and we are not in a nightmare that we can just wake up from. Dismantling white supremacy and patriarchy is the key. Suck it up and get to it 🔝🖤
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Social Justice Saturday! 📷: unknown #dismantlepatriarchy
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