The summer and holiday vibes are still here... particularly on a Saturday. I hope you get a chance to sit back an enjoy an avo smash and get some fun talk in around the table. Some questions to throw around: 1. Should I buy an investment property? 2. What am I doing with my Super? 3. Will I stay in the job I currently have? 4. What do I really want this year to be about? 5. How can I make life better for myself? 6. Who can I connect with? 7. Who can I learn from? 8. Should I move to QLD? 9. Is Bitcoin / Crypto Currency worth a look in? 10. What should I have for dinner tonight!!!!! 11. What about a 7km daily run challenge?! 😉 Happy Saturday x #firsttimepropertyinvesting #myfirsttime #avosmashsaturday #buyingpropertyinvestment #buyingproperty #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #superannuation #wealthcreation #revenuestreams #diversifiedportfolio
6 days ago
One of our perks of being an acorns investor is that companies invest back in us! This order for #dollarshaveclub paid me back $3.50 right into my #diversifiedportfolio and it may not seem like much, but this was a purchase I had to make anyways and I look at the money invested back as a rebate but better! This will grow into more money over time. Link in bio, sign up and you get $5 from me #investing
8 days ago
"Time is More valuable than Money, You can get more money, but you cannot get more time" - Jim Rohn 10 days out of 365 days are gone already, which is approximately 2.74% of the year. I am not trying to Motivate anyone because I suck at that, this only helps put me on track, it sure might do the same for you 😎✌️💥. You got 355 more to go let's make the best out of it. #DKA #DR #Greatness #Entrepreneur #BusinessMan #Ai #DiversifiedPortfolio #theFutureIsBlockchain #creativeThinker #internationalTrade #TechEnthusiasts #Stayfocused #355daysLeft #AfricanKing #TaavettiGI
8 days ago
FINANCIAL TIP OF DAY : 2% in your investments makes a difference. Over a $100K difference!!! You work hard for your money. Let your money work hard for you in the right growth mutual funds. 🙌🏼
10 days ago
Finance and Investment Planning Session with my former student, Gil Rey who is now a successful public school teacher! Most millennials would actually like to invest. But most of them don't know how or where to start. Wealth Accumulation is the part where you start saving and investing. Ever heard of the phrase "make your money work for you"? You wouldn't want to work for money for as long as you live, right? Invest your money in a diversified portfolio consisting of high quality assets. There are a lot of investment options available! You just have to choose based on your goals. If you'd like to learn more, message me for a FREE personal finance and investment consultation. I'd be more than happy to serve! 😊 #DiversifiedPortfolio #HighQualityAssets #InvestmentOptions #FinancialPlanning #FinanceAndInvestmentConsultant
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Sign up under the link in description and you will get $5 to start investing your pocket change and literature at your finger tips on how to increase your growth while playing the stock market. #investing #stockmarket #sparechange #savings #millenials #diversifiedportfolio #stocksandbonds
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And we're #growing We've had a lot of purchases on our card for Christmas, but that's okay--sometimes money spent is money earned! All of our rounded up change went into a #diversifiedportfolio and we are #makingmoney for the future. Link in bio. Sign up and get yourself $5 to start out #2018 with your best foot forward. #money #investingforyourfuture #retirement #boss
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Happy New Year from #CryptoKQ Cheers to #goals being checked ✔️ #cryptokq #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #diversifiedportfolio #newyear
18 days ago
No, thank you, @bbcicecream 🖖🏾
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