I would like 2 believe I'm wrong here... we don't know whether we want 2 #FightForJustice or #FightForOurLives. We don't know whether 2 call ourselves #AfricanAmerican #Black or #Aborigine. We don't know how 2 #ComeTogether 2 #DoBetter but we can ALL #Laugh @ the #DivideAndConquer tactics used on us. We don't know whether #KnowledgeIsPower or #IgnoranceIsBliss. & we 4 DAMN sure don't know whether #BLM or #AllLivesMatter. I would like 2 believe that kids like @kingnahh are our immediate & long term #Future but there's still idiots raising kids 2 dance 2 Future instead... here's 2 #WishfulThinking #Dopeisms
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Chris was on game duty in Austin this weekend with @nckevtt22 . #divideandconquer #hockeygame #updates #wonbothgames
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WE SUFFER BECAUSE WE PRAY TO THEIR GOD OF CONFUSION, DIVISION & DEATH.. GRAVEN IMAGES Exodus 20:4&5 You shall not make any graven image, you shall not bow down to them, nor serve them. For I the Lord, am a jealous God, visiting iniquity of the fathers upon the children". Do you realize what you have just read? What is being said here, is the absolute cause of disease and corruption all over the world. You must not focus on the physical, outer aspect of God, (graven image). By doing so, you will neglect the mind, the consciousness,your meditation, and you will open yourself, and generations of children, to disease. We sing songs, we read scriptures, we pray, but we leave the place were God dwells as a desolate wilderness. We are led by people who create all types of outer experiences with candles, and various services. Our total concentration on God is without, leaving us with no thought of that great light within. And our religious leaders have made this so. Jeremiah 12:10 Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness. And so the mind is not renewed. It is not purified. Instead it takes pride in our cult, and is willing to go to war against the others whom we consider to be Satanic. The mind is not purified. It becomes diseased. The disease, is as a result of neglecting the purification of the mind. Neglecting the nurturing of God who is an impulse of the mind. So you see, just how important, meditation really is. As Jesus said in Luke 11:52 you take away the key when you do not enter within yourselves. #billdonahue#iamorrin #orrinoc #HoodsOff #OperationKKK #OpKKK #blackLIVESmatter #whoaretheRealDevils #DivideandConquer #THEWALKINGDEAD #LIVINGSACRIFICE
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Because mornings are better with grand babies 💙💗💙Mimi and Papaw had the littles and Gigi and Grandpa got special time with Ryker #3under3 #divideandconquer #weloveourbabies
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