I wanna be a dolphin trainer. #palau#dolphins#love#dolphinspacific#sea#🇵🇼#✈️︎#🇰🇷
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The waves are alive with the bounce of dolphins. #beach #killcare #waves #dolphins
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E quando eu acho que as férias não podiam ficar mais incríveis... Golfinhos! 🙏🏻 • Portugal (Ago/17) #summer #dolphins #golfinhos #algarve #portugal 🇵🇹
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The grindrap (whale killings) has happened again in the Faroe Islands. They locals claim the whale killing is an old Viking tradition and that they need the meat for food even though they have over 70,000 sheep on the islands and farm salmon. 2017 is turning out to be a very bad year for pilot whales and white sided dolphins in the Faroe Islands with 1038 pilot whales and 199+ dolphins killed in 16 grindadrap (whale killings) since the first on the 21st May. Young children also take part in the grindrap. Statistics for 2017 currently stand at: 21st May at Bøur - 83 Long-finned pilot whales 16th June at Tórshavn - 164 Long-finned pilot whales 16th June at Skálabotnur - 8 White-sided dolphins 26th June at Hvalvík - 157 Long-finned pilot whales 26th June at Hvalvík - 53 White-sided dolphins 29th June at Tjørnuvík - 43 Long-finned pilot whales 5th July at Hvannasund - 70 Long-finned pilot whales 8th July at Hvannasund - 71 Long-finned pilot whales 9th July at Tórshavn - 29 Long-finned pilot whales 16th July at Vágur - 30 Long-finned pilot whales & 12 White-sided dolphins 17th July at Hvannasund - 191 Long-finned pilot whales 25th July at Syðrugøta - 16 White-sided dolphins 5th August at Funningsfjørður 109(+) White-sided dolphins 5th August at Hvannasund - 39 Long-finned pilot whales & 1 White-sided dolphin 15th August at Fámjin - 50 Long-finned pilot whales 18th August at Tórshavn - 61 Long-finned pilot whales 20th August at Bordoyavik - 50 pilot whales . . #wildaware #faroeislands #grindrap #whales #dolphins #denmark #pilotwhales #animals #animalrights #activist #oceans #saveouroceans
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We were in Tin Can Bay on the weekend for a morning dolphin feed. These beautiful creatures come to this spot every morning for some fishy. It is so lovely to see them in their natural habitat 🐬🐬🐚🌊 #tincanbay #tincanbaydolphinfeeding #dolphins #amazingcreatures #forthebeautyoftheearth
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