Today was damn good day in Savannah with the homies! The level of hospitality shown in this town is out of this world. Thanks to @phillipcortes and his pops Mr. Clay Courtez for teaching us and showing us a good time! Gucci Crew. @yujabroni @jongwookimx9 #snipertraining #longrange #redneckshit #gentleart #hyperfly #doordie #8711 #87eleven @doordie @87elevenaction
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Catch my homie @eerievillain440 Opening for #DoOrDie Contact for ticket info. #EerieNoize
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You can't replicate or duplicate, gotta find your own way. -Shinedown
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✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾 im starting it up now...the #UnderratedWritersCampaign Only if you have spent 10,000 hrs and counting on your craft as a writer or anything creative and feel like you dont get what you PERSONIFY this! #dreamhaussound #dreamfrxx #Back2TheCanvas #sdavid #DoOrDie #shivs #
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Do you wanna ride In the backseat of a Caddy? Chop it up with Do or Die It was seven double-oh P.M Fly low to them hoes in the B-M Sipping Seagram, chewing on a weed stem Touching on my fo' fif Move it to the back so I can see who beeping this Po Pimp Spring to the phone with a slow limp In a trip that shitted with 3-1-2-7-6-2-10 Three-line connection As the rest of them wanted affection Just bring the weed, we got the drinks you need And, plus, we strapped with two protections I put the phone in the hook, then I pause for a minute Cause I forgot where I met the ho And the feeling I've forgotten if the hoes wanna snap I straight up check the ho, really doe To the crib Do Or Die #hiphop #chopanddropreview #chicago #rap #doordie #twista #popimp #rapalot #johnnyp
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а ведь казалось только шаг и согреется душа #girl #selfie #трезвыйум #мутныйум #мысливслух #doordie #неумнаяженщина #followyourheart
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Red is his color
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Yesterday was our last show of 2017 and it was the best way for us to end this year. We’d like to thanks Le Stock for the organization and @blackestsunset , @standfortruth and @stabh8000 for the crazy shows! Playing alongside our brother Angelo was the highlight of our evening so here’s a short video of it while you wait for everything we have for you in 2018. Respect, Love, Honor, Famiglia. The Do Or Die Family 🦍🦍🦍🐒
6 hours ago
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