I treat my workout schedule like I used to pick classes for college...nothing before noon...I’m not a big morning person by nature (honestly I run on coffee during my morning work weeks, lol) but when you got things to do, you sometimes gotta do the morning workout thing...can I go back to bed now? 😂😂😂 #morningrun #gymselfie
3 minutes ago
Squat PR! 455LBS-2016KGS for 2 reps! Had this number in my mind for awhile now. Failed few months back but got it today 👊🏽 this gets me closer to my 5 plate club 😤 thanks to @rashidbusaidi And @omar_aljabri94 For being there! . . Work hard, eat big, lift bigger 👊🏽💪🏽
6 minutes ago
Bakom allt marklyftande & benböjande så gömmer sig även en bänkpress. Inga vikter att skryta om men en 5 reps på 150kg är tillräckligt bra för mig för att beställa en pizza ikväll. #doyouevenlift #gymmetkiruna
6 minutes ago
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14 minutes ago
Magnificent work girl 🎯🎯🎯🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️ . 🙌🏼 Double Tap and Tag some friends who would appreciate this post 👏Dobl golpecito y etiquette a algunos amigos si te gusta este post💪 . @TransformationRevolution 🔑@TransformationRevolution . Ⓜ️ @Angelcrickmore
16 minutes ago
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