The tracks can be filtered by genre, mood – scary, dreamy, ‘groovy’ and so on – length and whether they have vocals, with the catalogue also searchable. “This update begins to solve a problem I've heard from creators - they love making and sharing videos on Facebook and Instagram, but it can often be difficult to find audio or sounds to include,” explained Facebook’s VP of product Fidji Simo. “Now, they can browse Sound Collection to find tracks that match their needs — and we'll be building up the collection over time.” Read more on the article below: - via #duddey #facebooksongs #facebooksoundtrack #facebooksoundcollection
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Again?! #copycat Facebook's photo sharing app on Tuesday added two new capabilities to its Stories feature, one a direct copy of a recent feature in Snap. With the new capabilities, Instagram users will be able to more easily keep and continue to display their older Stories. Read more on the article below: - via @businessinsider #duddey #instagram #stories #snapchat
5 days ago
Her Amazon bestselling book, Getting Noticed, is a road map of how she grew several businesses online from scratch. Her podcast, Boss Up!, only recently published its twentieth episode and already has over 1 million downloads. Last year, CNBC featured Moreno's sales business, which is projected to bring in $250 million this year and has grown to a team of over 400,000 members in four years. Read more on the article below: - via @entrepreneur #duddey #mlmbusiness #franchisees
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“Evidence suggests that an army of fake social media accounts is being amassed to disrupt the democratic process in the future, with journalists and prominent public figures highlighting an upsurge in the number of dubious accounts following them on social media platforms,” James Lawless, a lawmaker in the nation’s Dail lower house, told The Irish News. Read more on the article below: - via @nypost #duddey #fakenews
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Rolling out today on iOS in the US, “Messenger Kids” lets parents download the app on their child’s phone or tablet, create a profile for them, and approve friends and family who they can text and video chat with from the main Messenger app. Read more on the article below: - via @techcrunch #duddey #messengerkids #socialmediaforchildren
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Really, the growth in business interest makes perfect sense – Instagram has also gone from 600 million users last December, to 800 million today. For comparison, Twitter has added 12 million new users in the same time period, while Snapchat, which is younger and growing at a faster rate, has added 20 million. Read more on the article below: - via @socialmediatoday #duddey #instagrammilestone #businessprofiles
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Reaching your customers or donors — particularly through social media — is key to driving your year-end and holiday goals. But with diminishing organic reach on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, how can you get in front of more customers this holiday season? Read more on the article below: - via bizjournals #duddey #socialmediacustomers #holidayseason
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Material shown on the app’s right side — what is now the media part — must meet content and community standards, Snap has decided, whether that material is produced by a newspaper, a television studio, the company’s in-house news and stories teams or so-called influencers. All must be vetted and approved by Snap. Read more on the article below: - via @nytimes #duddey #snapchat #socialmedialive
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Huge retailers like Target, Walmart, and Khol's are selling-out of upside down Christmas trees this season. People took to Twitter to express their outrage over the flipping of a centuries-old tradition. Read more on the article below: - via @mashable #duddey #upsidedownchristmastree
14 days ago
You can easily overshare, or share pictures from parties or events that are funny to you and your friends, but a lot less amusing to prospective employers. So how do you keep your personal life from potentially damaging your chances of landing a job offer? Read more on the article below: - via @forbes #duddey #linkedin #socialmediapro
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This year's Black Friday shopping offers in the UK have come up against cynicism, early-morning empty stores and the anti-consumerist #BuyNothingDay trend. Read more on the article below: - via @bbc #duddey #blackfriday #cybermonday
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