This is social media at its best. From the Arab Spring to the Ferguson uprising to the shooting in Parkland, social media has been a cudgel for participants in real life events to wield against the ossified frameworks that give shape to our political discourse. #duddey #socialmediaweapon #teenagers #TheGuardian
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😱Citing fake news, racism, sexism, terrorists spreading messages of hate, and toxic content directed at children, Weed proclaimed that trust in social media is at an all-time low. He threatened to pull ads from major platforms such as Facebook and Google unless the digital giants take steps to filter out misinformation and abusive content. #duddey #onlineadvertisers #socialmedianews
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The company is developing a sharing economy system which could work similar to Airbnb, with ‘hosts’ purchasing influential posts, Cointelegraph previously reported. Additionally, PATRON’s smartphone application allows social media influencers to stream live videos simultaneously to more than ten different platforms including the leading social media such as Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube. This system could give PATRON users a way to increase views and grow their audience. #duddey #newplatform #socialmediarich
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These children, who've grown up with smartphones at the ready, did what comes naturally to them and shared their experiences on platforms like Twitter and Snapchat. The images, sounds, and comments they transmitted to their friends and family quickly went viral, providing the world horrifying glimpses of what it's like to hear a gunman roam the halls of your school. #duddey #stonemanshooting #parklandstrong #Mashable
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In recent years, traditional celebrity endorsements have taken a back seat to brands' influencer-created content. So stars like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have been replaced by that familiar, yet unfamiliar face that popped up in your feed moments ago. #duddey #influencerstwist #socialmedianews #CBSNews
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A recent study done by two business school researchers says that social media really can influence the amount of money you spend to the point that you can’t control yourself. #duddey #socialmediamoney #socialmediarich #Entrepreneur
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Singer/actor Selena Gomez, with a social media universe (SMU) of 250M, ranked No. 1, having added 53M in the year. Returning in third place is Ariana Grande with a SMU of 207M; she added 57M new fans combined from 2016. #duddey #socialmediastars #DeadlineHollywood
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From the second the guys stepped off the plane, they were feeling the joy of the Super Bowl experience, and it didn't take long for pictures to end up on social media. Whether they were at a podium on Opening Night or looking stylish stepping off the plane, there is no bad time for an Instagram. #duddey #superbowl #patriots #NewEnglandPatriots
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To achieve meaningful reach on these platforms, you have to buy ads. And, for advertisers, the only thing that matters is performance. So the big question going forward is: can these platforms keep their audiences engaged? Before we answer that, though, let’s look more closely at the issues that currently have the industry up in arms. #duddey #socialmediaads #onlineadvertising #CampaignLive
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The Devumi story focuses on Twitter, the easiest network to exploit because of its purposely lax identification policies. Twitter followers are the cheapest on the black market. Devumi -- which, according to The New York Times, charged $17 per 1,000 followers -- was more expensive that most of the competition. #duddey #buyingfollowers #socialmediafans #Bloomberg
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