messy hair, messy life. - (throwback to when i was actually healthy and not in & out of hospital lol)
5 minutes ago
Happy birthday to @mollyharman can’t believe your 16 😱
4 minutes ago
~ Между нами тает лед Пусть теперь нас никто не найдет Мы промокнем под дождем И сегодня мы только вдвоем #dyedhair #redhair #redhead #redhairdontcare #таетлёд #грибы #kindahappykindasad #finland #finnish #finnishgirl #cringetags
17 minutes ago
Hace poco una amiga me deseó “buenos vientos” y justo ahora acabo de recordar su frase. Hoy el viento cambia de dirección y sopla más fuerte que nunca. Ya sabéis que me encantan los cambios 💪🏼
17 minutes ago
I don’t think I’d be able to pull off this hair colour normally but having a tan helps! #mahogany #mahoganyhair #auburn #tan #suntan #tanned #redhair #redhead #fakeredhead #schwarzkopflivecolour #dyedhair
19 minutes ago
@kimberleymargarita_ creates such amazing looks I couldn't resist painting something inspired by one of them :)
21 minutes ago
🔫Took everything I had to not crash and burn But I'm starting to learn Sometimes I'll fall down, sometimes I'll lose hope But those days will be few if I keep my feet on the ground I might be lonely but I ain't alone here So I keep pushing the limits of what makes me me🔫
22 minutes ago
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