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#highest #energy #level 1. #acceptance #accept who we are who they are what our #roles to #others 2. #share share what you have, share #yourstory with others. 3. #teach teach what you have learned, teach what you are #best at. #lower energy #vibrations 4. #help don’t try to help people who aren’t willing to #change or not taking a #step to #move to the next #level 5. #fix #nobody can fix others When we try to help or fix people who don’t invest their energy as well as you do, then you will eventually be burnt out. Your energy will be drained and you exhaust yourself. #emotional and #physical #healing requires higher energy vibrations Set your #boundaries and #start accepting
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I cannot shake the feeling that I left the theater with after I saw “Call Me By Your Name” and everyone deserves to feel this kind of joy in their heart. ❤️ Read my full review of the film, link in my bio (www.juliexplores.com) 🦄
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"Die Dinge, die passieren, passieren einfach, weil sie passieren." - Leo #clubderrotenbänder #leo #vox #staffel3 #finalestaffel #emotional #geheultohneende #unvergessen ❤️
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Most of us experience some level of digestive issues and discomfort from the foods we eat. Not sure about you but we don’t like feeling bloated, getting stomach aches or pains after eating. When we experience that it’s our bodies way of saying it’s having a hard time breaking down the foods we are eating. That’s why we love TerraZyme. It literally helps breakdown the food you just ate and process it through your body effectively. A few fun facts: Supports healthy digestion and metabolism of enzyme-deficient, processed foods Supports conversion of food nutrients to cellular energy Promotes gastrointestinal comfort and food tolerance Supports healthy production of metabolic enzymes Proprietary blend of 10 active whole-food enzymes Contains the doTERRA tummy tamer blend of Peppermint, Ginger, and Caraway Seed Sodium lauryl sulfate-free HPMC vegetable capsules Safe and effective
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My latest musicvideo to the song „Somebodys Hero“ by Singer/Songwriter C.B.Green. Camera, cut & edit by me (you can also watch the video in full lenght on my website www.oliverbreu.de or https://youtu.be/jP2GU79TeP4). Regie Oliver Breu & Clemens Benecke. Website Musician: www.cb-green.com. Actor Heinz-Martin Benecke. #musicvideo #video #music #singersongwriter #oliverbreu #cbgreen #film #filming #emotional #lifestyle #livingthegoodlife #storytelling #musician #musicproduction #sony #sonyalpha #adobe
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Day Nine Fear has hold a lot of us back by attacking the emotional part of us and using it as a remote when he wants to strike. There is difference in taking note of things that need attention in our lives and been in a hurry to solve the one at hand. A problem can be solved but if not solved properly, it creates room for another. Face it right, free your emotions from fear. Stay strong and fight for your place of sanity. I've gone through the truma of seeing the "disciplined" part of my father hindered me live to the fullest of my teenage life potentials, It have made me to believe everything about him is discipline and nothing for me to lay my head to rest; something like a soft spot to lay my worries on and tell my pains to, something that can gear me up for a stronger scene shot the next day. Not untill resenlty I began to see him become more humble not for the fact of the distance we create but for his realization that sometimes to love too much is to create boundary in-between. But now I've been able to start correcting the part of me that want to be loved, to try and give one, gradually I will also know how it feels to love and I can prepare for Ayomide, Ayomikun and Ayomiposi. When they all need me the most. I look forward to every part of me having emotional safe state. And I wish the same for all my readers. Stay safe for the rest of this year, I look forward to seeing your comments on my posts next year and much more hearing your testimony of becoming fearless. I love to be transparent and I want to share this secret with you....... "We are in this healing process together" everyone is fearless when they keep dealing with their issues. #fearless #soldier #poemfortheweakonesbecomingstrong #poetry #regrann #strength #emotional #victory #fearlessprocess #victory
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