3 hours ago
Its wild to see them with the same eye brow expression!!! Miles showing his lil brother his favorite show “Everybody Hates Chris”. I really wish they would bring that show back because it was a great point of view for Little brown boys. #everybodyhateschris #brothers #brotherlylove #twins #afrobabies #MilesAndMason
5 hours ago
Terry Crews said he has a photo of Terry Crews in his wallet. Says really helps to spend less. #everybodyhateschris
24 hours ago
Grown up. I still watch everybody hates Chris (@realimanihakim)
19 hours ago
At last, a wallet to help me save money! Thank you @typhoon_mei for the hilariously appropriate birthday present. #everybodyhateschris #julius #financialresponsibility
20 hours ago
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