A rootless tree will fall. Honour your ancestors, respect your heritage and remember that we are all ancestors in the making. What do you want to be rememered for? What I am most proud of in my life is being a mother of four beautiful children ❤️ I will be taking some time off from ”social” media to focus entirely on motherhood and family life for a while. Stay strong and keep your loved ones safe. So long heathens, friends and foes! #faithfolkfamily #womenagainstfeminism #heathenheart #familyfirst #motheroffour
3 days ago
I feel like we have had enaugh of winter now and I cannot wait for spring to arrive! This is supposed to depict the Norse goddess Freya. I do not know who the artist is though. This painting also reminds me of the Swedish song ”Idas sommarvisa” by Georg Riedel and Jan Lundgren and part of ”Emil i Lönneberga” by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. #nordicinspiration #goddessfreya #norsemythology #faithfolkfamily #springfeeling #emililönneberga #vårkänslor
4 days ago
Faith - folk - family 🔥 Picture pillaged from @alexanderjenssen #nordicinspiration #keepthefireburning #faithfolkfamily #nordicsoul #heathenheart
6 days ago
Sharing some rural positiveness and hereby wishing all fellow heathens, friends and foes a nice weekend! #sowilo #thesunwillriseagain #faithfolkfamily
9 days ago
"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver”. Making a habit out of taking the weekend off from ”social” media. Planning to refuel my batteries amongst nature with my beloved family. We will also be spending some time being creative with natural materials, making wooden knifes and rune sets. Quote above by Martin Luther, nature photography by yours truly. Stay strong and keep you loved ones safe! #natureistherapy #natureistherapeutic #beingcreative #naturalmaterials #woodcraft #elderfuthark #runes #norsemythology #theoldways #theoldgods #faithfolkfamily #familyfirst #defendyourfamily #nordicnature 🌲🌲🌲
9 days ago
Trigger alert due to traditional family values ❤️ Sometimes choosing family over everything else might be hard, especially in the ”modern” society of today where the majority of the population sadly seems to have been fooled into believing in the false god of ”equality” and thereby supports society in fighting against everything family friendly. I belive it is very much worth it in the end though; standing up for traditional values and the love for one’s own family and folk. To put an effort into being the best version of oneself and raising happy and healthy children in a loving and stable family, is contributing to a strong society and a sustainable nation. A lovely woman described becoming a stay at home mom as her ultimate carreer goal, that put a big smile on my face and warmed my heart. We need to empower women to be strong women instead of trying to become some kind of ”semi men” bashing on real men in order to emasculate them. I am not saying women are supposed to be tied to the kitchen or anything like that. However I do belive true strength in a woman is to do what men cannot and vice versa. There is a reason why men and women are created different and that is to have children and in all ways possible complete each other. To the men and women out there who take ”pride” in not at all wanting to build a family and have children; your heritage and what you belive in will die out. I belive it is called natural selection and what nature intended. I know there are men and women out there who cannot have children of their own due to medical reasons. You have my deepest sympathy and I do not in any way intend to make you feel worse. On the contrary, I hope ”unwanted” children will find their way to your loving arms and homes. #revoltagainstthemodernworld #folkishheathen #tradlife #nationalism #faithfolkfamily #familyfirst #nuclearfamily
11 days ago
Sowilo is the rune which represents the sunlight, fire, confidence, guidance, hope, success, goals, motivation and life purpose. It is will to power and the rune of victory. Turning of the wheel - life and death in honor, spiritual will increased. #nordicinspiration #sowilo #heathenheart #nordicsoul #swedishnature #natureismyhome #faithfolkfamily #runes
12 days ago
Food for thought. I belive this is something of relevance to the ones of us living a life other’s do not understand. I often find myself longing for the woods, but I never long for connecting with random strangers whom I have nothing incommon with. My beloved grandmother on my mother’s side however, would often start a conversation with people she did not know, be it on the bus or random people walking by the house where she lived. She made new friends that way too. I remember sittning at the table in my grandparents’ kitchen looking out the window and my grandmother would tell me the latest news about ”random” people passning by. Do younger people still do that? I belive that kind of trusting behaviour is lost somewhere along the way. I mean, way back everybody knew, or knew of, each other in the small villages where they lived, raised their children and died. There was no need to always worry about being assulted, robbed or even raped. Of course there were hardships then too and people had to work hard to be able to feed their family and so on. I am not saying everything was better then. However, I would prefer to live in a Swedish society similar to ”Emil i Lönneberga” or way back in the ancient times, rather than being a part of what the ”modern” society of today has to offer. #foodforthought #nordicsoul #germanicpeople #sweden #oldsoul #nationalism #childhoodmemories #theoldways #revoltagainstthemodernworld #faithfolkfamily #naturalhabitat #intothewoods #emililönneberga #ancestral #livingofftheland #selfsufficiency #farming
13 days ago
”It is easier to build strong children, than to fix broken men and women”. A strong, stable family unit is necessary for maintaining a healthy and upstanding society. ”The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home”. A nation has to reproduce itself in order to be sustainable. When reading up on the subject of family life and its importance to society, I tend to find mostly christians advocating traditional family values. The truth is that building strong and healthy families, was of great importance in the ancient times of our pre-christian Germanic ancestors too. The christians did not come here and ”save” us from degeneracy in any way. (That being another subject though). Today’s society however, I belive, needs to be saved. The subject of reproducing strong and healthy offspring, have always been very important to all of nature’s species and races. It is common sense really and what nature intended. I belive the ”modern” society of today has lost something of great value due to the decline in the strength and unity of the traditional nuclear family. This, I belive, has a very degenerate impact on society as a whole. It saddens my heart to see the ”modern” approach to life where the love and will to protect one’s own family and folk, seem to have no value what so ever. Where in fact, young women take ”pride” in not at all wanting to become mothers and young men being emasculated. I belive my folk need to reconnect with our roots, culture and traditions and start taking pride in who we are once again. We need to stand up for ourselves, otherwise other people that do indeed value their own heritage, will survive and we will not. I belive we all need to stay close to our own roots. It is not a question of hating others, but a deep love and will to protect what is closest to one’s own heart. My beloved children, my family and folk are my heart and soul. My roots run deep, I honour my ancestors and hope for many generations to live and thrive long after I have left this world. #revoltagainstthemodernworld #folkishheathen #confusius #nationalism #faithfolkfamily #familyfirst #nuclearfamily
14 days ago
Logic over emotions. I will be taking the weekend off from ”social” media. Looking forward to spending time with my beloved family amongst nature. #logicoveremotion #thomaspaine #intothewoods #natureismymedicine #familyfirst #faithfolkfamily #lawsofnature
16 days ago
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