I know I haven't been posting as much and I have to admit I'm struggling with this adulting thing 😭 I've been out on my own for over 2 years now so I should be used to this by now right? Also please bear with me on these terrible videos lol I'm still trying to figure this out 😅
1 day ago
It's the last month of February! In continuing with the month of self love, here's another quote from @rupikaur_ done in water colour ❤️
3 days ago
Help! Posted this as a story to vote but I'm contemplating whether this French door be sanded down a bit to look more rustic or should I just re-paint it looking new 🤔
4 days ago
Just got home from the family #lunarnewyear dinner and I'm exhausted! Swipe for process video :)
6 days ago
Happy Lunar New Year if you’re celebrating! ❤️ swipe for process video, I don’t use pointed pen often 🙈
7 days ago
Here’s my last minute submission for my #homwork @homsweethom this week. We were to finish the phrase “I love you so much...” I figured I would keep it super simple and played around with my watercolours. I’ve been a bit... pre-occupied lol. Hope everyone had a nice valentines and lunar new years eve if you’re celebrating!! ❤️
8 days ago
99% of printers wouldn’t touch this job. @coeurnoirspecialtyprinters nailed it ! 4 color #letterpress + #goldfoil + #blindemboss , double mounted + #gildededges over 1 color letterpress . #mascot #lionicon #fancyprinting #designporn #businesscarddesign #characterillustration #handcrafted #maximalism #americandesign #2016
8 days ago
Omg I know this is a terrible time to post things and I’m SO LATE for this #homwork challenge from last week 😅 and I have no excuse other than I procrastinated..So Last weeks challenge was to write one letter 16 different ways and this was SUPER intimidating..I’m not artistic AT ALL and I don’t find myself too creative either but my bf picked the letter L and then I thought it would be funny to write LOLOLOL, I still feel like I have so much to learn and grow but I did actually have a lot of fun doing this.. I actually also have no clue how many L’s and O’s there are but I think there’s enough 😆 Thank you @homsweethom and @stefankunz for this challenge, these prompts have been great!
11 days ago
I've been feeling pretty crappy the last couple of nights so posts have been slow but here's one that means a lot to me. We live in a world where there's so much emphasis on appearance and image, especially for women and girls that we don't acknowledge the person and their strengths. When I see my niece I refrain from complimenting on her hair and her dress and how pretty she is because I don't want her growing up thinking that, that's what will matter in life. I've been making an effort to change the way I compliment other women and I encourage you to do the same!
14 days ago
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