1 hour ago
Secret Hitler! Each time I play this game I like it a little more. I enjoy being a fascist, I enjoy being a liberal. Never got the role of Hitler though in the 12(?) times I played it. #secrethitler #printnplay #199 at #bgg #boardgames #partygame #cardgame #liberals #fascists #hitler #parliament #passingthoselaws
9 hours ago
Don’t fool yourself, paleface... in this filthy fucking country sleaziness has a color: It’s white, pro-eugenics, eurocentric. SO DISGUSTING!!! ________________________________________________ Não se engane, cara pálida… nessa porra imunda de país, a canalhice tem cor: Ela é branca, eugenista e eurocentrada. NOJO DESSA PORRA!!! ________________________________________________ A Brazilian Family In Rio de Janeiro - Jean Baptiste Debret, 1839. (The past has never been so present) _______________________________________
1 day ago
Uncle Al has done it again! Ministry brings a hard Left hook as always with their newest politically charged album "AmeriKKKant." Which releases March 9 2018. The single "AntiFa" is a bad ass display of Solidarity from Uncle Al for Anarcho-Communists & Anti-fascists. Here is the tracklisting for the new album. 1. "I Know Words" 2. "Twilight Zone" 3. "Victims of a Clown" 4. "TV5/4Chan" 5. "We're Tired of It" 6. "Wargasm" 7. "Antifa" 8. "Game Over" 9. "AmeriKKKa" Ministry is currently on tour in North America and AmeriKKKant gets boots on the ground March 9. Good thing too. As the temperature rises we will have a great soundtrack to smash Fascist face. #Ministry, #AntiFa, #AntiFascist, #Anarchist, #Communist, #AnCom, #AmeriKKKant, #GoodNightAltRight, #Fascists, #WhiteNationalists, #Nazis, #NaziTrumpsFuckOff, #DonaldTrump
2 days ago
The last part of 2018 had me directing two major matches and building a third, leading (alongside my training partner) a large class and helping with three more, and unfortunately not much practicing much. Our club USPSA championship is this weekend, 8 stages, around 100 shooters. I was feeling burnt out and considered skipping it but made the decision yesterday to shoot it in Carry Optics division. First practice session since October, found some rust, knocked it off. We'll see how this goes! @tarantactical @berrysmfg @tacticalperformancecenter @leupoldoptics @proof_research @mgmtargets @soundgear_official @hardashell_3g_2g
2 days ago
Thiis Trump sticker says NOPE there is another one that says DOPE. I like the dope one better.
2 days ago
TBT to when my humans had a party and didn't invite me until the end 👍🏻 #dogofhonor
2 days ago
Today marks the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing massacre.The Japanese army had killed 300, 000 Chinese in the 1937 Nanjing massacre. #nanjing #massacre #china #1937 #history #fascists #japaneseinvader #peace
4 days ago
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