For a whole week my angel has been laid up sick laughing up every color of the rainbow. Finally able to put a smile on her face and pull a fast one on daddy. #fatherdaughter #rabbitears #smile #beautiful #cute #cesdtalent #kerrikrilla #stephcorv #toniiibraun #childmodel #asianchildmodel #kidsfashion #kidmodels
4 minutes ago
when you have your #bulldog dad wrapped around your little paw= ☺️
5 minutes ago
Nothing compares to the absolute magic of the Father & Daughter dance ✨
7 minutes ago
Being present doesn’t guarantee your kids will do the right thing, but it’s a great start! #FatherhoodIsLit I won’t hit yah with the, oh be there, if you’re there your kids will be perfect little angels. We all know that shit isn’t true, you can be there and they can still f**k up! But one thing for sure, if you’re not there the chances of them doing something you don’t want them doing will increase. Make you’re presence felt, its the only way to hopefully make a difference! Salutes fellas and enjoy the weekend with family! #FatherhoodIsLit Salutes to the homie @elsuenoamericano for the realness
6 minutes ago
Jom pulang mo hujan lagi malam nie.. Esok kita sambung cari rezeki lagi.. Mat malam semua 😍😍😍😍 #SuasanaPasarUmumSandakanDmalamHari #FatherDaughter 😋😋😋😍😍😍😂😂😂
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7.7.17 #thebestdayofmylife #twesmeputaringonit my dad swore he wasn't nervous but kept cracking jokes and asking what do I have to do again? Walk straight dad just walk straight 😂 stop when I stop {as I sing “Mamacita. Horse and carriage is for hire. Mamacita, please senorita”} #FatherDaughter #Virgo
6 months ago
Father/daughter pants match! Farmer Michael knows how ta grow ‘em if ya know what I mean. #fatherdaughter #love
9 minutes ago
Backing up the story on Shae's Rat Rod. Our original thoughts were to graft the Nissan firewall on to her GMC truck. (The idea was to save time) So we kept whittling down the Nissan. It was kind of like peeling back the layers of the onion. Eventually we just didn't like how things were going to work and we ditched the Nissan firewall. We did drill out the spot welds on this backing plate. It will make a fantastic template for mounting the Nissan brake & clutch master cylinders, the pedals, and steering column to the GMC firewall. I think it's going work nicely! 😊 #ratrodinvasion #ratrod #ratrods #ratrodtruck #project #projecttruck #gmc #nissan #vintage #rusty #patina #standout #whybenormal #firewall #nicely #fatherdaughter #fatherdaughterbuild
11 minutes ago
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