Happy Friday!! 🎉 Unfortunately I have been battling a nasty cold or infection that has kept me out of the gym all week. 😩 Yesterday I was feeling the effects of not working out for 4 days straight. I just felt so “blah” and my mood was down, I needed some endorphins! So I decided to stay home (I didn’t want to get other people at the gym sick and I didn’t think my body was up for any heavy lifting or intense cardio) and do a home workout with some resistance bands. You can get resistance bands super cheap on Amazon, the 5 pack of different resistance levels I have was only about $10! DM me for a link! This was an awesome glute/hamstring workout and if you don’t have a gym or just want to stay home this is perfect for you! Do 10-15 reps of each exercise and repeat 3x! - 🔈Don’t miss the tunes! 😂
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Read @nicolebarton__ 's writing on @psych.n.sex 's blog. Highly recommend 💜💜💜 From random creeps grabbing my butt at bars, to guys referring to girls as "whores" or "sluts" for simply existing or wearing an outfit that shows off their awesome bod 💪🏻 - there's a lot of sleazy scumbags out there. But in the wise words of Kesha: "don't let the bastards get you down. Don't let the ass holes wear you out. Don't let the scum bags screw you round." Guys: more people will respect you when you use kind words & respectful actions than when you use degrading language and have non-consensual actions. Ladies: stand up for yourselves & other women. That is all 🙌🏻 happy Friyay! #feminist#equalityforall#womensrightsarehumanrights
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A happy customer in her ‘Dinner At Tiffany’s’ Dress 😍
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It really annoys me when people think we wear make-up or dress nicely just to impress men. We wear hotpants because it's hot. We wear a short dress because we feel confident in it. We wear tight clothes because we're proud of our bodies. We're doing this for US. ✊🏽 #feminist #feminists #feminine #girl #girls #girlpower #power #woman #women #free #equal #equality #equalism #freedom #fighting #rights #fundamentalrights #love #loving #weareone #yeswecan #freeem #nude #naked #beautiful #beauty #pretty
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Nunca entendi o que estava tentando fazer nessa foto pra vagabunda da @may_barbieri me fotografar.
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