The bullet time effect was conceived and created for “The Matrix” (1992). The swirling shot required 120 individual digital still cameras and two film cameras.
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Annapurna Pictures has premiered a new trailer for 'Sorry to Bother You (2018)'. The film is directed by Boots Riley and stars Keith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Steven Yeun, Armie Hammer, and Terry Crews. 'Sorry to Bother You' is scheduled to hit theaters on July 6th, 2018. What are your thoughts on this new trailer for 'Sorry to Bother You (2018)?' Let us know in the comments below. #SorryToBotherYou #KeithStanfield #TessaThompson #StevenYeun #ArmieHammer #TerryCrews --- #trailer #movie #film #comingsoon #moviebuff #filmbuff #filmlover #cinephile #cinephilecommunity #moviefan #movieaddict
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I need more shelf’s!!! 💽📼🍿 My DC, Marvel, Star Wars collection(all steelbooks) still need plenty of the marvel ones in steelbook as you can tell) #bluraycollection#Starwars#marvel#Mceu#DC#steelbook#filmbuff
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Hey, guys! In honor of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR coming out April 27th I will be watching each and every MCU film, and then posting my review/ranking afterwards. 18 films in 40 days. Time to see if the earlier installments in the series are as good as I remember or if that's just the nostalgia talking. One a side-note, I'll be accepting any words of encouragement and/or prayers to help me get through those first two Thor films. These are the final days leading up to Infinity War. ---------------------------------------------------------- #mcu #marvel #avengers #infinitywar #avengersinfinitywar #marvelfilms #mcureview #ironman #captainamerica #thor #spiderman #hulk #blackwidow #guardiansofthegalaxy #antman #thanos #cinephile #movies #films #moviebuff #filmbuff #superheromovies #moviereview #filmreview
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Odeon Limitless 135 on Saturday night was Mary Magdalene. The movie initially seemed to have promise from its setting and I was looking forward to the casting. The problem was that the story was very vague and strangely sidelined much of Mary when Jesus came along. She was reduced to a lot of longing stares throughout the film. Was not sure of Phoenix version of Jesus who seemed like he was playing him in a hippie style. Even the arrival at Jerusalem is a glossed over dull affair. Shame as I thought Rooney Mara given and made star centre would have been highlight its 3/10 from me.
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Personal Shopper starring Kristen Stewart (#Twilight), Lars Eidinger (#EveryoneElse), Sigrid Bouaziz (#TheTunnel), Anders Danielsen Lie (#OsloAugust31st), Ty Olwin (#APB) and Nora von Waldstätten (#Carlos). A personal shopper in Paris refuses to leave until she makes contact with her deceased twin brother who died in the city. The movie is marketed as a ghost story and, to some extent, that's exactly what it is. However, this is predominantly a character study of Maureen, played by Kristen Stewart. Character study movies can be very interesting if done right, but this movie is the worst kind of character study. It's a study of an incredibly dull character. Stewart's proved that she's a talented actress (Not in Twilight!) yet her performance here is just her walking around looking sad. I don't blame her for this though because her character is so poorly written and so outstandingly dumb. There's a lengthy sequence in this movie involving a phone which on paper sounds great but is in fact insultingly awful. This sequence, which takes place around the halfway point of this film, acted as conformation that this is indeed a terrible film. It's very slow, but it's deliberately slow so it's convincing enough to stick with. There is no payoff though. The movie is a complete mess. It starts off interesting enough but it soon becomes apparent that it's not going anywhere and when the movie tries to make things happen it comes off as forced, awkward and incredibly messy filmmaking. The supposed "big reveal" in this movie is laughably executed. The ghost aspect of the movie is also unintentionally hilarious. The spirit in this movie is a poor CGI smoke-thing which floats around in a couple of scenes and is so ineffective it's as if this movie is a parody. Grief plays a big role in this movie too and the movie deals with it all wrong. We know nothing about her dead brother other than they were twins. How are we supposed to care when the movie gives us nothing to care about!? The movie fails to be meaningful on every level. I've never seen such a confused mess of a film. It's not scary, it's boring and it features some scenes which are infuriatingly bad. ★ #personalshopper
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Jean Harlow in a publicity photo for DINNER AT EIGHT (1933). Photo by Harvey White. ⭐️
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