Life has a way of going way too fast. We get caught up in the busy day to day routine. Some days are hard and long. So many times we focus on those difficult moments or times, letting the negative energy suck us down. But if we stop and look around at all we do have, we will see there is so much to be grateful for✨ . . . . . . . . #mindfulness #grateful #thankful #blessings #liveinthemoment #bepresent #wellness #livesimply #liveauthentic #ourcandidlife #thehappynow #thepursuitofjoyproject #documentlife #theartofslowliving #everydaymoments #thelittlethings #livejoyfully #findbeautyineverything #findingjoy #candidchildhood #lifeofadventure #instagood #lovelysquares #nothingisordinary #momtogs #inspire #motivate #childhoodunplugged
26 minutes ago
@martin_trendota playing with some funky variations after this mornings Rise and Shine practice. If you missed his class yesterday, you won't want to miss his class Friday at 5:30pm... You never know what fun variations he will be cooking up for you! #pegcityyoga #onegreatstudio #funkysidecrane #armbalance #mensyoga #winnipegyoga #play #asana #findingjoy
39 minutes ago
Match day! Not a win sad face.. but great game. Thanks for pic @waynesheffieldgm
46 minutes ago
Sweet sweet moments make up joy-filled days. Some are especially sweet! #noralynn #mynameistessie #joycoach #findingjoy #joy
1 hour ago
Wondering how you become a member of Bethany Ballard? Wonder no more! We're hosting a membership class on Thursday February 1st from 8-9pm downstairs at the Homestead! Email to register. See you there :) #bethanyballard #membershipclass #findingjoy
2 hours ago
Once you find an oil you love 💕 there’s no turning back!! 🤣 #joy #transformationtuesday
3 hours ago
This morning as I was doing my morning devotional before my workout...this is what I wrote down. Not 3 minutes later, the littlest of the crew woke up crying and was up for the day an hour earlier than normal. He was soon followed by the other two sneaking down the stairs all before I could start my workout 😩 . . I struggled my way through it, impatient with my kids, only to finish and realize that what I had read this morning clearly hadn’t sunk in at all 😭😭 I struggle sometimes to find the joy in the everyday moments and struggles of motherhood. I get cranky when things don’t go my way and I sometimes get short with my kids because of it. . . As I wrote out my prayer after, I asked for help in seeing the JOY in all the struggles that come with young children. That they may see HIM through me. Because in my heart I know that THEY are my calling and that HE will not let me fail them. 🙌
2 hours ago
She wanted to have a bake sale with her friends and make some money. After some negotiations, we decided that half the proceeds would go to a charity. They decided to give to @humanesociety to help with animal rescue and care. In our land of plenty, I find that my kids can lose sight of having a generous heart and I often need to help steer their motives differently instead of making money to have more! I’m grateful for @theconsciouskid and @thebarefootmommy who recommend books and ideas to help shape our kids’ hearts for good! Praying for our little people to help and serve others in love - Galatians 5:13. #givingtuesday #generousheart #livetogive #raisingatween
2 hours ago
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