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A glimpse into the best part of working from home: robe (and no ones knows what is, or isn’t, underneath 😜), fuzzy socks, no make up and my bff Foster. Thankful for job #1 for allowing me to work remotely and extra thankful for job #2 for giving me the confidence to post these silly, be myself, posts! 2018 will be here before we know it! If you want to grow in your self love, shoot me a DM! ❤️ #BLISSfit
2 days ago
YOU GUYS! Not often do people give THEMSELVES credit, but for someone whose struggled to love herself for years, this makes me proud... of ME! In my first month of coaching I was a top 25 coach out of 2,000+ coaches on our team! I LOVE COACHING!!!!! It’s changed my life and this was just the post I needed to wake up to after being in a funk and afraid to share my love of fitness and personal development for some reason lately ☹️ but this shows you shouldn’t care what people think! You should go out there and SHINE! I have taken a mental break from being a go-getter in my business but I’m back in the game and ready to help anyone, and everyone! Let’s learn to love ourselves, sista friends!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😭😍 #BLISSfit #fitfoundation and shoutout to MY coach, the real MVP @cassiebittinger 🙌🏼❤️🚨
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P.S.A ✉️ Uummmm... In case you were wondering.... Yea....... The new spaghetti and turkey meatballs dish from @fitfoundation4u ........ F$&king 🔥👌🏼🙌🏼
10 days ago
Sometimes the best cure for a stressful time is getting in an early morning sweat sesh before making the bed.... but let’s be real here, I never make the bed. That throw pillow everyday life ain’t for me! Just being honest 😂 had such a blast running my last challenge group! Can’t wait to start one to kick off the new year! DM me if you want in or have any questions! This tribe of self loving bad asses is really helping me through a crazy time and we would love to help you too! 🙌🏼❤️ #BLISSfit #fitfoundation
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Yakin masih ada lagi yang lebih bagus dari ini.. fit me foundation kini hadir dg 26 warna loh!!! mau coba bisa datang ke otlet2 terdekat ya. #maybelline#fitme#runwaytosideway#fitmetwc#fitfoundation
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🚨🚨Vulnerable Post Warning 🚨🚨 For the past few years, no matter all the good that’s gone on in my life, this is how I’ve felt: like the Mariner Moose is blocking me from being able to see the light. Very few people know my past and my struggles, but here I am today, ready to open up because I feel as if the topic is imperative. And this topic is alcohol, but not the normal alcohol post you may think of. A few years ago I moved to New York, all by myself, at a mere 21 years old. While it was exciting and something I couldn’t have ever imagined for myself, it was the most life altering, in a bad way, thing I’ve ever been through. Before moving, I had never really drank. When I got there, unsure of myself and where I wanted to be, I tried out drinking. I mean heck, I was 21. I’ve never been a big drinker, which is my point in all of this. From the get go, I had issues processing alcohol and went to many doctors trying to figure out if it was the alcohol, an ingredient, something else I was eating that was reacting, and you know how doctors go, I got bounced around a lot. Therefore, without an answer, I continued to drink in moderation. But something happened that made it all worse. I got sexually abused... pretty bad. On the day this happened, I had a few causal drinks. However, ever since this, with the underlying issue of having troubles processing alcohol, to going through an “against my will” situation, it made alcohol so much worse for me. I suffer from PTSD from the incident and it comes out worse every time I drink. Before social events, I can’t sleep because I’m up weighing the pros and cons of having a few drinks. I think, will my body be able to process it this time? Will I have the mental PTSD and have to pretend I’m ok in front of others. And the cycle goes on and on. Recently, I’ve been talking with more doctors and we have come to the conclusion, since 5 years later, after cutting out hard alcohol MANY years ago and still not being able to process a 5% beer, that he verdict is in and it is something I should look at as an allergy. So here I am, my name is Jenny and I am fighting the social norm because I am allergic to alcohol. Continued.....
10 days ago
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11 days ago
IM BACK! What’s the best way to get out of a funk?! Take control of your own damn life!! A few years ago, I went through hell and back and ever since, I have let outside sources/situations control my life. This has led me to confusion, unhappiness, and not genuinely feeling like myself! I started this health and fitness journey to get back to the Jenny I love, but then I let the control slip away and found myself in a funk over the past few weeks. Well my friends, enough is enough! Took 25 min today for myself and am ready, for once in the past 5 years, to do ME the way I want to do it, not the way society tells me I should do it! So here’s to finding my inner happiness, embracing my grandma lifestyle, knowing it’s ok to be intoverted at times, and giving myself the grace I deserve! Why wait until 2018 to find happiness? Why not make the last month of 2017 the BEST month of our lives! Plus it Christmas and I’ve been decorated for a month so it’s definitely my time to shine! ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚
15 days ago
Currently been in a bit of a funk these past few weeks (#reallife) and loved this reminder that I saw today from an awesome leader who inspires me each and every day (@kaciafitzgerald, thanks girl!) ❤️ who cares if people like you or what they have to say about you. YOU GOTTA LIKE YOURSELF SISTA! And this is my new goal for the next month, to like myself and ignore the haters! Who’s with me?! 🙌🏼
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