So how many of you have thought about getting into this business with me, but you're skeptical? Be honest!!! Complete honesty here...nobody is more skeptical than I was!!!! But I have been asked so many questions over and over that I thought I would give you some insight first hand....... 1. Why does it cost money to join? Because it's a business, not a job. Businesses cost money. If someone offers you an opportunity to start your own business for free....RUN! But if you could invest just $49 bucks to potentially earn THOUSANDS every month, isn't that worth it? 2. Are you trying to make money off me? No, I'm trying to make money WITH you. I dont earn anything just by "signing you up." My passion is helping others. My goal is to help you change your life...period. 3. Is it one of those pyramid schemes? You mean where all the people at the top make all the money? No, that would be Corporations. Every single person in my business can be making an honest six-figure income if they want to! There is no top and bottom to compete with. 4. How long before I make money? I have the steps to success and tools for you and awesome team support. However, YOU determine your success. It's all up to you. What I can promise is, I will NEVER give up on you. 5. I've tried home business's before, but I failed. Chalk that up to a learning experience. What can you do different? Failing is okay. Quitting is not. 6. My Friend said this won't work. Your Friend doesn't pay your bills therefore, he or she doesn't get an opinion on what YOU do to better your life. The question is no longer whether it works or not. If you work, it will work for you. 7. Can I try it for a few months and see how I do? Absolutely! If you decide that it's not for you, you're never tied into a contract. I will say this....This is a business, not a job. Businesses take heart, soul and determination. You cannot focus on the short term money. You have to visualize the bigger picture and how this can and will change your life. So who's ready to run? Free, no obligation Coach Sneak Peek starts next Monday October 23rd...JOIN US to find out more! Comment below to be added!
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Here is the workout I completed for my 36th 🎉! 6 front squats 6 inverted rows 6 single leg step ups (each side) 6 push-ups 6 kettlebells swings 6 hip thrusts For a total of 6 rounds making 36 repetitions for each exercise! #momlife #movementheals #movemore #trusttheprocess #fitfoundation #simplesatisfaction #momboss
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Trainer @mitchell_latray here at @gomadfitness works with our area Boy Scouts On getting their Fitness Merit Badges! Way to go guys! #youthfitness #kidsfit #kidsfitness #michiganfit #idaboyscouts #boyscouts #monroemichigan #monroefitness #futuregenerations #fitfoundation
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โดนจนได้ ไม่มีเทสเตอร์ให้ลองด้วยนะ หยิบแบบยกมือสาธุเอา สรุปหยิบ 228 มา ลองเทสข้างแก้มคือพอดีผิวมากเว่อร์ ถ้าไม่ดรอปคือจะดีมาก พรุ่งนี้ค่อยลองเต็มๆ #GrizzlyBeerReview #mebellinethailand #fitfoundation #momblogger #beautyblogger #thaiblogger
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Who is ready for the weekend 🙋🏼 This look is a mix of fall with the egg plant colors and a bit of summer with a sun kissed glow and with a mauve lip with a pink under tone. Tag a friend that's ready for fall 😘🍂
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3CE MATTE FIT FOUNDATION 💰360k #3CE #foundation #fitfoundation #3ceori
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#Repost @precisionnutrition (@get_repost) ・・・ #micdrop🎤 From Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon (@stumptuous) - So let's say you have 50 reps of something to do. You can do: - 50 reps all at once - 2 sets x 25 reps - 5 sets x 10 reps - 10 sets x 5 reps - 25 sets x 2 reps - 50 sets x 1 rep - There's no right answer of course. But here's the analogy BECAUSE THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY ABOUT WORKING OUT WOAH. - Imagine you were facing a 50-rep set of overhead squats, and you had to do them all at once. - Uuuuughhhhh. - Now imagine someone saying, "Hey buddy, tell you what, how about you do ONE rep every day for FIFTY days." - Phew. OK. That's do-able. - Now what if someone said, "Screw that, that's still too much, how about you do 0.5 of a rep every day for 100 days." - Wow. Sure. - That's a long term project. You just committed for 100 days. - But how does that FEEL? - Totally do-able right? - Sure, you might need a post-it note or two in the first few weeks to remind you to do your daily half rep. - After that you should be hitting your stride. Those half-reps become part of your life. - Maybe one day you're like "Man, I could totally do a full rep today." And you do. - For those 100 days, your body stays healthy, you feel great, and every day is a win. - 🔥 If you're looking at long-term change, STOP TRYING TO DO ALL THE DAMN REPS AT ONCE!! - 🔑 Show up today and do your half-rep. Or your 0.1 rep. -⠀ 🔑🔑 Then show up tomorrow.⠀ -⠀ That's it. 🔥🙌🏼💪🏽
1 month ago
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