We are so excited to be part of the new Weekly Sunday Farmers Market in Daylesford! You’ll be able to purchase our Pastured Pork & Nitrate Free Small Goods direct from us, the farmer, on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sunday of each month starting with our first market Sunday 8th April. We will have regular box specials for collection as well as our regular range so watch this space for box details. Keeping our produce local! #daylesford #farmersmarket #freerange #pasturedpork #rarebreed #pork #nitratefree #bacon #ham #handmadesausages #preservativefree #glutenfree #localfood #localproduce #knowyourfarmer
11 minutes ago
Anyone else’s Chooks love to peck mobile phones? 😂🐔 ➥ Follow me : @robert_chicken.life for more 🐔 🐔 🐔 ➥ Via : @rescuehens1234
15 minutes ago
Being a chicken mom is still very new to me and I’m so thankful for my family who helps me along the way💖 I also follow a few chicken pages and have been added to a few chicken groups. Yes i’m serious, and no I’m not ashamed 😂 Anyway, we’re on the journey of eating right and working out again, and with that I’ve been giving my feathered babes more treats. I also learned through the chicken group that you can feed them expired yogurt and that it’s actually helpful with their egg production. I tried it out and look what happened! Those who are on my Snapchat know that I only got two eggs yesterday, and this is today’s haul! All from three hens 😍 so proud of my babes. Good thing too, I was only down to two eggs and refuse to buy them at the store now haha. #chickensofinstagram #chickens #chickeneggs #freerange #eggs #holtehatchery
15 minutes ago
Just two lil gals and their pup ❤️
4 days ago
Look out Maunu, the Matson tribes moving in! 🌿
13 days ago
So many colors #freerange #freerangeeggs
27 minutes ago
Eleni's breakfast this morning. How bright are those scrambled eggs from the fresh eggs!? We had some berries, rockmelon, scrambled egg and vegemite toast. #babyleadweaning #Elenisplatetoday #freshfruit #fresheggs #freerange #vegemitekid #vegemite #summerfruit #berries #healthyeating #healthybabyfood #hungrylittlecaterpillar
32 minutes ago
Fresh eggs from mums chickens for our scrambled eggs this morning. #freerange #fresheggs #babyleadweaning #farmfresh
36 minutes ago
Frenched lamb chop - salted and fried with Brussel sprouts, as we wait for the 4 day weekend to resurrect. 🐑
39 minutes ago
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