😡(PART 794)😡the true truth is said that joins exactly to this reality! humanity defend and protect the devils of this planet and not the true innocents! on the one hand it's normal since in all the worlds that have existed on this planet it's always the same scene! humanity to prefer the devil who disguises himself as an angel of light who claims to be the word of the true truth and who claims to be innocent by cruelly forcing our ancestors to believe in his lies under pain of being executed like any these poor people in Europe executed because they refused absolute dictatorship! it is normal that on the internet circulates images of jesus with the illuminatis since it protects and supports the illuminatis! and you will understand exactly why the illuminatis pray Jesus Christ! (It is not a religious who will tell you all these true truths since a religious is a liar who claims to tell the unique truth and which forces you to repeat the same lies as them)! Jesus forgives the whole planet just for his selfish and personal interests since he will never say the real reason why he forgives people's sins! ✅#therealtruth#believers #prayers #freedomofthoughts#fuckevilpeople #fuckilluminatis#fuckingtruth #fuckreligiousbooks#fuckliars #fuckhaters #fuckjesuschrist#fuckreligiouspeoples #fuckbible#noreligion #revelation #fuckreligious #fuckjesus #fuckthebible #fuckchristianity #jesusissatan #fuckliars #fucklies
4 hours ago
😌(PART 793)😂AHAHAHAHHAHAH! all the idiots who say that I will not understand anything that will happen to them the day of the end of the world !! the immense fear that they will suffer before being killed by their father the devil Jesus in an unimaginable cruelty! I call this the true justice that comes back on this planet! even Google unmasks the ruler of this world who is Jesus Christ! everywhere you see the symbols of Jesus Christ! crosses everywhere, cemeteries, dress styles! Christianity everywhere, everywhere! you see snakes in the illuminatis that represents Jesus Christ whose bible unmasks him who says in the revelation chapter verse 1 and 2 which shows that the old snake is Satan and it's Jesus Christ who seduces the nations! so it's especially Google that unmasks completely all the religious people, all the Illuminatis and all the liars of this world who try to make me believe that I'm not normal just because I'm not a real bitch like them! and after the religious people tell you that beautiful words like their father the devil jesus for you take you to hell !! mermaids, yes creatures half fish and half humans do the same! beautiful words they say to seduce you and then they take you to hell! let's not forget that babylon the great prostitution who is the mother of Jesus "mary" who is also the representation of a woman fish! and you understand exactly why there are Mermaids all over the world of Illuminati !! because a mermaid is a real prostitution bitch! And little girls love mermaids ! ✅#therealtruth#believers #prayers #freedomofthoughts#fuckevilpeople #fuckilluminatis#fuckingtruth #fuckreligiousbooks#fuckliars #fuckhaters #fuckjesuschrist#fuckreligiouspeoples #fuckbible#noreligion #revelation #fuckreligious #fuckjesus #fuckthebible #fuckchristianity #jesusissatan #fuckliars #fucklies
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😡(PART 791)😡all the biblical verses from chapter 20 of the revelation 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 unmask Jesus Christ who is satan even though there is verse 4 and 6 are completely fake for, of course , hidden the real truth! so it is not for nothing that you see a lot of Jesus' image with billions of people where -> satan seduces the nations with his army like the grains of sand of the sea! so everything betrays religious people! and it is Jesus with his army who will all be exterminated in the true history of humanity! and to say that the goddess isis will fall with her army like the grains of sand of the sea is a gross lie since the army of (satan = jesus) hate the word of her son horus which is the true truth! so everything betrays the liars! and the goddess isis in the true history of humanity especially in the reign of (satan = jesus) that she has only 144,000 people with her! and not 7,000,000,000 which represents an army like the grains of sand of the sea and that is that of Jesus Christ! so everything betrays people lying about the goddess isis! and the angel who will come down from heaven is the goddess isis who will eliminate the humanity of Jesus Christ for setting up his reign of true peace with no animals on the plates like Jesus Christ, allah, Buddha, Krishna, judah do since they are all demons, satans and of course the idols of the nations! and the evidence is present on google! so everything betrays the illuminatis with their (mental prisons = religions)! ✅#therealtruth#believers #prayers #freedomofthoughts#fuckevilpeople #fuckilluminatis#fuckingtruth #fuckreligiousbooks#fuckliars #fuckhaters #fuckjesuschrist#fuckreligiouspeoples #fuckbible#noreligion #revelation #fuckreligious #fuckjesus #fuckthebible #fuckchristianity #jesusissatan #fuckliars #fucklies
2 days ago
😡(PART 790)😡and you will understand that the religious are all liars and manipulators! they hide you that Babylon the great bitch is the mother of jesus, allah, Buddha, Krishna, judah who is the religious woman! and Babylon the great prostitution is Mary of christianity! even the book of Christianity called the Bible the unmask completely! Mary of Christianity is a widow! and it is she who sits in a queen! she is the great prostitution and she is not the identity of the mother goddess Isis since she is not a goddess and she has no eagle's wings! so everything betrays the religious people who want to accomplish the great conspiracy of their father the devil Jesus with the illuminatis and Freemason of hell! revelation 18: 7 "How much soever she glorified herself, and waxed wanton, so much give her to torment and mourning: for she knows in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no mourning. " this unmask verse Mary of christianity the great prostitution! and the biblical verse revelation 12: 9 "And the great dragon was cast down, the old serpent way, he that was called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the world, he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast down with him. " completely unmask the devil jesus! and on the other side ! of all that, the ancestors of the illuminatis had the disease of consanguinity and looking at the pattern of Mary and Jesus without father! because the Bible of Christianity speaks of the great jealous who is in reality Jesus Christ who has no wife! He is the great jealous ! The Bible lie ! and it is jesus the devil dragon the great jealous who is jealous of osiris who has a wife who is isis! but in the messiah, isis brings back to life her osiris husband who had been eliminated by (satan=jesus), the illuminatis, freemasons and humanity who rejected the word of their horus sons! ✅#therealtruth#believers #prayers #freedomofthoughts#fuckevilpeople #fuckilluminatis#fuckingtruth #fuckreligiousbooks#fuckliars #fuckhaters #fuckjesuschrist#fuckreligiouspeoples #fuckbible#noreligion #revelation #fuckreligious #fuckjesus #fuckthebible #fuckchristianity #jesusissatan #fuckliars #fucklies
2 days ago
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