you can drain the swamp, but you'll still be muddy. we lost this icon today and every time we lose another elder black person like this, i think of james baldwin asking the timeframe of progress. i think of all the black and brown men, women, queers, and children who are out there right now still trying to thrive and wonder if their lifetime will know true freedom and progress, or if it'll be a continuous and exhausting pattern of deflection & oppression & genocidal violence. i think of the BLM activists who were suspiciously murdered and left in burning cars, i think of the black boy they hung in a park the day after trump was elected, and i know their names and i say their names but goddamn, how long did we say Emmett Till's name? the white woman who accused him fessed up that she lied about him flirting with her knowing full well what would happen to him, no charges ever brought against her. and a white woman on SNL wants us to stop showing up to push back, to fight the same demonic plague that murdered Emmett and so many countless others. how long will people continue to be complicit? how long before the tension snaps back and the "many sides" trump has declared become the warring sides of a new revolution? rest in power, dick gregory. #fuckwhitesupremacy #blacklivesmatter #washyourfaceamerikkka #whiteprivilege
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Merry meet everyone, I have been on the path of paganism for three years of my life, the fourth year is vastly approaching which brings me to this subject. Us witches have been in the shadows for to long, not speaking a word not even voicing opinions, But enough is enough. I'm not afraid to announce to the many people on this app ; My name is Ash. I am a queer Pagan witch and I am not afraid to use my magick against the very people who burned witches at the stake. May the white supremacy burn like the witches in Salem, may they feel the same pain we all are feelings. ---------- #blacklivesmatter #protecttranskids #fuckwhitesupremacy #hexwhitesupremacy #loveislove ---------- May all of us unite as one for this battle to regain peace and the earth. Blessed be and I wish safety onto all of the people who are in Boston right now. ( except white supremacy of course and nazi's) Know that the witches are on your side and are leaving the shadows, good luck to everyone. - Ash
49 minutes ago
Y'all hear that shit loud n clear🚬🖤 Whilst I was at a "punk" house show tonight I was told I could get the fuck out for saying "fuck the confederacy" out loud. The owner of the house who happened to be Raza told me that if I was gonna spread hate then I could get the fuck out you best believe I left. 🎶#ignorance #fuckasympathizer #hearmeloundandclear #fuckwhitesupremacy #fucktrump
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Just us @douseband doing our thing in Regina. Loving my @algierstheband shirt. Photo cred @nickfaye #douseleavesthehouse #regina #saskatchewan #prairielove #fuckwhitesupremacy #walklikeapanther
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New koozie love #fuckwhitesupremacy
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