Бодрое ууутречко 😋☕️ Что по утрам больше предпочитаете , чай или же кофе? 😌 ⌚️ @paul_hewitt 💓 . #paulhewitt #getAnchored #paulhewittbracelet #часы #часики #наручныечасы
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she got her own
1 year ago
sweet like cinnamon
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Getting ready for them summer days!! @prfcto_lifestyle #prfctolifestyle
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Love is a gift. If you get it, try and appreciate it. But if you don't, don't be sad. Someone somewhere is still wrapping it for you. If you love someone today, tell them. If you appreciate someone today, tell them. There might not be a tomorrow. Today is the day to give them your time and attention, and express your love and admiration. • Thank you @Paul_Hewitt for sponsoring this beautiful timepiece and bracelet! Watch - Sailor Line White Sand Rose Gold Bracelet - Anchor Spirit 18K Rose Gold #PaulHewitt #GetAnchored • And thank you @butteravenue for the lovely macarons, the Hojicha and White Chocolate Strawberry taste heavenly and the sweetness is not overpowering. The Hojicha ganache is very flavourful and the strawberry coulis is definitely a surprise with just the right amount of tartness!
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Shop this CLASSIC accessory on our website! (Link in bio.) P.s. did you hear about our #GIVEAWAY? 🎉Check two posts back to enter!
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