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I'm proud of my brother I've seen his growth and he's still showing up even when others don't, that's how I know he will make it to the top, keep grinding, keep showing up, your time is coming 🙏🏾🌹
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All the Halloween weight I put back on is gone in time for the holiday. And I didn't have to starve myself to achieve my goal...I didn't even have to deny myself of few cheats here and there. I just find the balance and make sure not to skip my workouts. It has been six months since my son was born. Its been slow and steady but since I came home from the hospital at 197, I'm down from a size 17 to a 10-11 and down to 166. My next short-term goal is my size 8 pants for Christmas. But my long-term goal of loving myself and being happy with me is still a work in progress #goals #weightloss #workingonme #postpartum #6months #feelbeautiful #getfit #fitnessjourney #fitish #iworkout
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This view never gets old! #TrailBlazing #AfricanX #Training
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24sp brunch at red lobster for my moms birthday, tracked and still on plan 🤷‍♀️
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