From child to Wizard.
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Movie Ginny is so boring . . . #hp #harrypotter #ginnyweasley #hinny #bookginny #movieginny
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Listen, POC work so hard to say WE matter. Sure Hermione and Harry is white on the book covers and in the movies. But don’t take away or scorn how others may interpret a character. White people are the majority and most people white washes characters. Be fuckin grateful what you have and own. One day you may look up and the world is completely different and equal. I hope I live to see it 🤷🏽‍♀️
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Recently, my dear friend @dailypottercollection send me the Sylvoë catalog of last year since we don't have it in Quebec ! It's so great to be able to exchange things from a country to another. 😊 With this he also gave so many awesome gifts ! He send me a Luna Lovegood's card that is so lovely, an harry potter sticker, a wonderful Gryffindor's bookmark that he made a while ago ! I remember when I saw them on his account and really wanted a gryffindor one ! 😱 Also he gave me his amazing Ginny's drawing from the @inktober, he knows how much I love her and I feel so honored to have two creations of this great friend of mine ! ❤️ Hopefully, We'll have a chance to meet in person one day. 😊 If you don't know him, seriously go take a look at his account, he is so creative, talented and such a great human being ! He also makes the BEST original creation of harry potter funko pop vinyl , that's just insane ! 😍 He would ruin me if they were all created :P Thank you so much for all of those gifts Ben ! It was just so nice of you ! ❤️ #potterhead #potterheadlife #harrypotter #friend #potterheadfriend #gift #harrypottergift #harrypotterart #ginny #gryffindor #ginnyweasley #harry #deathlyhallows #sylvoe #harrypotterworld #card #harrypottercard #luna #lunalovegood
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