Spontaneous Wednesday done right #givelove #positivevibes @andygrammer
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Teachers at Redemption children school they are not paid. They do a voluntary work. I am a part of them where I get some hours and go to teach them. GITRE JOHN 3:16 MINISTRY has decided to raise a voice for them. Many of them have diseases and mostly skin diseases like seen in their heads. Your support can help, can give hope to a child in Uganda Africa. Let's transform lives together. #givehope #givinghope #giveabook #giveclothes #givescholasticmaterials #givelove #carefortheworld #loveworld #lovepeople #jesussaves #hallelujah
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All performs should make note of the energy Andy Grammer and his band puts into a show. Amazing. Every time. #GiveLove | ๐Ÿ“ท 3.21.2018
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Happy smiling thursday! Productive day, getting shit done! ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฃ . . . . . . #belove #givelove
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I think the difference between advice and judgement is the difference between empathetically telling someone what to do and just telling someone what to think/feel. For example: Problem: My best friend put the moves on the girl I like and now they are dating. He even knew I liked her and pursued her anyways! I want to get back at him! What should I do? Advice: I understand that you are feeling heartbroken and betrayed right now, however revenge is not the answer. Getting back at your friend will not erase the past. Evaluate your friendship with this person and decide if they are someone you still want in your life. If so, maybe a break from them is in order so that you have time to heal. Judgement: You're acting like a child. Now you have learned the value of going after what you want right away. Next time, don't let your fear get in the way again. Quit being so jealous and try to be happy for your friend. Do we see the massive difference between supporting those in our lives who have problems and breaking them down even further? There is a way to speak the complete truth in love and with kindness. That opens up the line of communication between you and the person you're advising, which will achieve way more than when they are closed off for fear of being judged. After all our mission when giving advice is to help the other person no? That's what this fast growing community is here for; a safe place for people who are broken or hurting or confused or in need of someone to talk to. In order to help people, we must first show them love. So let's have that in our minds whenever we are in the position to advice or offer help to a hurting person. Join the conversation in the comments below. Do you think it is important to correct a person with love or do you think it is unnecessary? #topicoftheday #whatdoyouthink #share #givelove #nojudgment #positivenergy #healinghearts #helpingoneanother #selflove #selfcare #empathy #bekindtooneanother #letloverule #letlove #wecanhelp #wecare #youaresafe #safespace #foreverybody
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