10 minutes ago
Great for @bradleysfight and the Lowery family to be recognised at BBC Sports Personality of the year. Just don't understand how @iamjermaindefoe wasn't even on the main shortlist. Also, and as a complete aside, I still can't get over the fact I've been in the same race as Sir @gomofarah ! Inspired to run again. Maybe. 😳. . . . . . . . #bradleysfight #bradleyloweryfoundation #bbc #bbcsportspersonality #spoty #running #football #wheresthepersonality #greatrun #gnr #gnr2018 #gnr2018training
26 minutes ago
So today I fucked up my weekend and did some homework, but not that much. You know, people need to learn to close doors correctly. My mom has no idea how. She comes to my room, opens the door (she doesn't even knocks, but that another issue) and when she leaves I have to remind her to shut the door to the end, not to the middle and not almost the end, THE FUCKING END! And it has a simple reason why I want her to shut it: do you want to hear my music mom? No? Good, then shut the fuckin' door for God's sake! Ugh! So knock on doors and open them correctly and have a nice life you guys #axlrose #waxlrose #gunsnroses #gnr
20 minutes ago
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