On this day #one #year ago I #lost one of the most #important #people in my #life someone who would literally do anything for me and I took that for #granted thinking she would always be there until she wasn’t and I can’t help but think about it everyday like what if I was there for her more would the #outcome of been different I hope she knows how much I #love an #miss her and if I had a #time #machine I would definitely go back an tell her how much she meant to me! So on this day I will keep her #memory #alive and say #RIH my love I miss you more than you will ever know!! Keep watching over us!!! 😘😘😘😘 #gonetoosoon #Amanda #Davis #AmandaPanda
5 minutes ago
I cant remember the last time I saw you, but that smile & personality is unforgettable. I still can’t believe it... R.I.P Coby Baker! Rest in Heaven friend πŸ˜”πŸ’™ #GoneTooSoon
22 minutes ago
What a week. I am numb and still processing. I lost three friends that I have known for ~20 years. I am thankful to have shared some special times with each of them - and am a better person for knowing each of them. I have a fourth situation with a dear one that had a massive stroke. Still waiting to see how that pans out. Please hold your dear ones close. You never know when the last time you see them will be. And tell them what they mean to you. Life moves so fast. I am going to try and slow down a little and savor these moments with the people I hold dear. Be well, friends!
28 minutes ago
With such sadness as I write this post, my condolences go to the Haynes family. I cherish the time Michael and I spent in Southern California and will forever remember the laughter and reasoning we shared. Your light beamed throughout this world and your music is firmly planted at the top of reggae music. I can't believe your departure from this realm has occurred so soon but we must have faith in the almighty's plan. Please take some time and hold your loved ones close cuz tomorrow is not promised to a single soul on this planet. Michael George Haynes aka Michael Prophet may your journey to Zion carry that infectious smile and amazing tenor for eternity. 😒 #ripmichaelprophet #michaelprophet #gonetoosoon
1 hour ago
I am absolutely gutted to learn that a dear friend of mine had passed away this morning, after fighting for her life since Tuesday πŸ’”πŸ’” It is too much of an eerie coincidence that she shares the same surname and same birth month with my colleague who had suddenly passed away 2 weeks ago 😒😒 I had known her since 2013 at an IT show, and she had introduced a few friends to me. I will never forget her sweet smile, dazzling eyes and cheerful personality. Life is truly too short and unpredictable to hold back. Rest in peace, Karen Stella. You left this world way too early! But I believe you're now in a better place where there is no pain or agony 😭😭😭 #gonetoosoon
51 minutes ago
Happy birthday mum. Hope your having a port up there #gonetoosoon
1 hour ago
Remembering Snowy, 10/12/17-16/12/17 #gonetoosoon β˜ƒοΈπŸ˜₯
1 hour ago
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