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Tostada con nutella saludable (próximamente receta) con plátano, semillas de cáñamo y cacao nibs.... . . Os cuento la historia de este desayuno: . El Sábado pasado mi amiga Esti me enviaba su desayuno...una tostada con nutella y plátano con una pinta deliciosa...y unas horas después el de Beckham, casualmente él también había elegido eso para desayunar...desde entonces llevaba rondando en mi cabeza esa combinación...aprovechando que tengo la nutella saludable que preparé el otro día me he preparado esta tostada ☺️ . . Recordad que queda nada para el Martes! 👀 os estoy vigilando! . . Para aparecer en una de mis publicaciones: nombrarme y usad este hastag #thinkingtoasts ♥️
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Live.aday — Chiangmai 🍊
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trying to make carbs look pretty 🤪
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A progressive authentic Lebanese cuisine on the Marina 🇰🇼 #ambience #goodvibes•📍- Salmiya, Kuwait 📗- @babelkuwait
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Bati Alu It's up till couple of years that I wasn't aware of this simple, yet amazingly delicious dish which is part of bengali cuisine and is prepared with primary ingredient, potato (Alu as we would call in Bengali and Hindi). I was thankfully introduced to this recepie by a friend of mine, who has picked it up from her grandmother; mother and was kind enough to share the legacy. I, however took the liberty of adding my own twist to the dish by tempering with asafoetida. This tastes best when eaten with hot steamed rice. The fact that potates have so much relevance in the world cuisines; erasing the dividing lines between rich and poor, non vegetarian and vegetarian; never fails to amaze me. Ofcourse Bongs have severe weakness for "Alu" and existence of "Alu" in Bengali cuisine is almost inevitable. ‌It's true that when the world is fighting with lifestyle deseases like diabetes, obesity and doctor's advise is to stay away from potato, I believe we should rather channelize our energy on being active and not being couch potatoes, so that we are not deprived of this delicious ingredient, potato aka Alu. Afterall it's a carbohydrate which is a source of energy and consuming it in moderation causes no harm. ‌ ‌Be active, stay fit and if you wanna enjoy the delecacies of potatoes, don't be a "couch potato" Cook, Share, Eat ‌Primary Ingredients - Potates, Mustard Oil, Salt, Turmeric, Green Chilli ‌ ‌Optional Ingredients - Diced tomatoes, coriander leaves, Green Peas, Leamon Juice, Asafoetida
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