Occamy appreciation post! I really hope that Funko decides decides to make more magical creatures. I would love to have a Buckbeak one. What do you guys think? #HarryPotter #harrypotterforever #harrypotterfilms #HarryPotterBooks #harrypotterquotes #hogwarts #potterheads #GryffindorPride #fantasticbeasts #occamy #HarryPotter #harrypotterforever #harrypotterfilms #HarryPotterBooks #harrypotterquotes #hogwarts #potterheads #GryffindorPride #fantasticbeasts #occamy ----------------------------------------------------------------- Repost:@shaunaweasley
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Birthdays are happy events but sometimes can be little bit depressing because it is little reminder that we are getting older and older. And especially with children you can see how much are our lives short. It feels like yesterday when I was in primary school and I used to visit my classmate in her house for playdates and oops... She updated her profile picture on Facebook, celebrating her 30th birthday. Oh wait, I am 30 years old myself. I don't even know how and when that happened. Then my daughter. She is slowly but surely becoming Potterhead. She wanted Hogwarts school uniform as a birthday gift so I bought one for her and she was really happy about it. And as I was taking pictures of her I realised, that nearly 20 years ago I read my first Harry Potter book and now I am buying HP clothes for my 9 years old child.... Like come on, before I realise what is going on, she will get her Hogwarts letter and I will be officially old woman :D Now all jokes aside. The worst thing about getting old is that everyone is expecting you are going to be matured and behave like adult. But I can't do that :D My husband use to tell me quite often that I should behave like an grown up woman and mother of three children and I am always like, sorry husband, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. Poor husband... Anyway, I managed to cheer myself up with thoughts about my frustrated and embarrassed hubby and I feel much better now :) Anyway, Happy Birthday to my baby girl who is already 9 years old! We love you so much because you are very smart, caring and self disciplined girl... Just like Hermione Granger :) I can't believe that you are so big now! . . . #bdaygirl #potterfan #harrypotter #potterhead #harrypotterforever #harrypotterbooks #harrypotterclothes #harrypottermerch #harrypotterlover #hermione #hermionegranger #hp #edinburgh #edinburghlife #narozeniny #czechgirl #magicwand #wizardingworldofharrypotter #edinburghcity
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I was tagged by @geekglitz and @undesirable.no.1 for the #harrypotterthroughmylife tag. Thank you so much for that. Unfortunately most of my old stuff got lost or is at my parents place but I was pleasantly surprised by what I still have with me at home ♡. I first discovered Harry Potter in 1999 when I was 6 and the second book had recently been published in Germany. My mum had heard about it somehow at my school and thought it would be a nice book for me to read. However, since there are so many strange names and places with Latin origin she decided to read it to me. We started with the first book and from the the first page onward it became our tradition. Even when I was definitely old enough to read the books myself we kept this tradition alive. From the first to the last page we read every book together and this is probably why my love for Harry Potter is SO strong. When I think about Harry Potter I do not just think about the magical world J.K. Rowling created, I also think about the one person that means more than the world to me, my mum! ♡ Growing up with Harry Potter was amazing. Pre-ordering the book and waiting in front of my local library until the clock stroke midnight to get my hands on the new Harry Potter book.. I love those memories! ♡ In this picture you can see my first Harry potter book, a cassette as a representative for all my Harry Potter audiobook cassettes (book 1-4, then it turned into CDs), some of my Harry Potter Lego figures, an old Harry Potter figure of mine, some stationary I got in primary school, an old Harry Potter mug, a canvas tote bag I'm proud to say I made myself when I was 12 or so and a Harry Potter game (I had several even the old PC ones but they got lost). And I included some memorabilia from when I was older: My tickets from my first trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and my Bachelor Thesis that I wrote about Harry Potter, which was (so far) the highlight of my course of studies!!!! Thank you for reading and I tag @sarahsfizzingwhizzbees and @kwikspellco ♡
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I’ve got my eye on you... waiting for the sale to start so that I can take you home #harrypotter #illustration #bookstagram #harrypotterbooks #jkrowling #fantasticbeasts
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Happy Birthday to my boy in the corner there, Newt Scamander. Can’t wait to see you being fabulous in CoG this November! — #harrypotterseries #harrypotterbooks #harrypottermerch #newtscamander #fantasticbeasts #happybirthday #birthday #eddieredmayne #crimesofgrindelwald
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