@salmahayek speaks up on sexual harassment the article is great @nytimes Salma Hayek habla sobre acoso sexual en Hollywood el articulo menciona su experiencia con #harveyweinstein
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#HarveyWeinstein was my monster too.” #SalmaHayek pens NYT Op-Ed (swipe left for excerpts) detailing how Weinsten sexual harassed her in a uber DISGUSTING way and demanded she do full frontal sex scene with #AshleyJudd to let her finish filming #Frida movie #MeToo www.honeygerman.com
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Man, just published an hour ago... #SalmaHayek recounting her time with #HarveyWeinstein wow it made me sick to my stomach reading it & brings back so much of what I have been through & what my friends have been through... so hurtful to read! . . People need to know how difficult it has been for all women in the movie industry! I am happy & grateful that Salma spoke out! I hope more powerful, influential, well known women come forward so the lesser known women who are suffering in silence can not feel so alone! . . I hope all women have the courage to stand up now, there needs to be a more powerful collective consciousness that causes more of an avalanche regarding this tipping point! #PowerInNumbers #MeToo . . This is dedicated to @venusnv I'm so glad you can be inspired by my posts & even through the ocean of the internet we can meet on common ground & support one another! ❤️
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One of the more disturbing things to come out this year was definitely the abuse of women in #hollywood . I did a couple a #drawing #illustration #portrait of #harveyweinstein but then had to banish them to storage as I couldn't bear him being on view in my lounge. It led to the #metoo movement and the #time persons of #2017 so that's good. But it was really sad too. There is a website called #rottenapples which informs you of Hollywood films involving those with murky pasts by the way. Just in case you care.
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On our most bloody episode ever, we talk to Jizmak Da Gusha and Sawborg Destructo from the legendary metal band, @gwar - They tell us about where GWAR came from, Harvey Weinstein taking a page from the book of Oderus Urungus, their new album The Blood of Gods, their graphic novel Orgasmageddon, fake news, and Gwar of Thrones. We also ask them about Kanye West, Donald Trump, Pee Wee Herman, Taylor Swift, and more. For obvious reasons, this is a VERY explicit episode. You’ve been warned. Link in bio. #gwar #kanyewest #taylorswift #harveyweinstein
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I remember thinking when I saw the ads and some parts of the movie “Frida”, why is Salma Hayek with a pearl necklace and trying to be sexy portraying Frida Kahlo? Question answered after I read her Op-Ed in the #nytimes this morning. It’s heart breaking. I wish I could kick #harveyweinstein ugly ass with my pink docs. 👊🏾👊🏾 #fuckharveyweinstein 👊🏾👊🏾. #fridakahlo #etsy #etsylove #etsyfinds #mixmedia #salmahayek
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DON'T WORRY @misslhommedieu it's just #artBasel baby @livekellyandryan shine bright like diamond 💎 #CyborgVsholm it's just different @alecmonopoly #ufc219 EVERYONE ride her just like a bus 🚌 route got introduced to the #MMA game 🎮 & blew up! SHOW for them hoes celebrating their escape from being daddy's little monster haha a few movies 🎥 👑 #King & 👑 #Queen now she back to sleeping with #HarveyWeinstein the saga continues.
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