"I'll fucking enjoy every piece of this. YOU WAS ALL THAT MATTERED TO ME. YOU WAS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY I'M STILL ON THIS PIECE OF SHIT EARTH. FUCK YOU. Fuck you. I trusted you. FUCK YOUUUUUUUU. How dare you. I hope you enjoy sitting alone. In peace. Quiet. With ur phone all over you. I couldn't care less rn. FUCK YOU AND UR LIFE. I'm done. You was everything to me now you ain't shit. Enjoy ur brakes and lunches mate. I hope I die asap,I'm tired of searching for new people to hang around with. I'm tired of people talking shit about me. I'm tired of arguing. I'm tired of people. I'm tired of living. Tired of breathing. I'm tired of going to school and not understand what the actual fuck am I doing there. What am I good at? Nothing. I don't even know my fucking future. I just cba with life if I'm honest. Yes it doesn't look like you affect my life or whatever but you have and massively but hey what the fuck you want right? Who the fuck cares about me? Fucking no one. That's who." At this point she has herself and her mum.Seeing bestfriend posts made her sick. Not angry. Just sick. Not having a bestfriend really affected her. The memories and the pictures hurt and made her sick at the same time. Especially when her bestfriends boyfriend is a piece of shit. You know, no child should be dissapointed of waking up in the morning. She did tho. Every godamn day. No child should hear their parents arguing. No child should be scared of being alive... She was... #storytime #facts #life #real #interesting #sad #happy #abandoned #cool #like4like #followforfollow #likeforlike #follow4follow#depressed #depression #anxious #anxiety #Stopthehate #Hate #hatred #cutting #selfharm #selfharming
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#Repost @miliyah_22.tomo16 with @get_repost ・・・ フライングゲット @miliyahtokyo 💝l HATE YOU💝 仕事の休憩利用してお迎え完了😂 ミュージックビデオは帰りに見ながらかえろう🌹 休憩終わるまでに全部曲きけるかな。 #加藤ミリヤ #ihateyou #hate#miliyah #新曲 #3/21発売
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