Not every day is a day of highlights. Today was an interesting adventure -- I switched to a new form of birth control called Nexplanon. About the size of a matchstick, it's implanted under the skin in the arm, providing birth control for three years. I'm excited about most of the benefits, but not excited about having my arm sliced open and this gigantic bandage! I don't think I would have ever posted about birth control, even a few years ago. This year has been a year of destigmatizing many things, and if I can be open about mental health I can talk about women's health too! I believe every woman has the right to take care of her reproductive health, not only deciding if and when to have children, but getting affordable access to preventable care. Health is a right, not a privilege! I'm thankful to have the ability to choose what is best for me. /Steps down from soapbox. And because I was brave today, I'm going to have some chocolate to celebrate.
4 hours ago
This group of phenomenal Providers is why I work at Virginia Garcia. VG Cornelius is a special place. #VirginiaGarcia #TheFaceofPrimaryCare #Healthcareforall #healthcareisaright
3 days ago
Although you still have time to ask me anything thank you to those who asked questions. I apologize for the long answers but I wanted to make sure I made sense. Fair warning: I will begin to make posts that are "political." I am not sorry. Healthcare and the ability to properly receive health care including mental health care shout not be a divisive "Democrat vs. Republican" issue. Unfortunately, it is. One party is trying to fix this issue in ways that are a step in the right direction (albeit with some holes that need to be addressed. Republican politicians are not doing a thing to fix it, in fact, they are stifling and in some cases reversing efforts to ensure health care for Americans. If this rubs you the wrong way, hopefully I present things in a way that makes you think about your stance on the issue. If you are not willing to listen, you do not need to follow me. I will leave you with this statement, a statement forged through the trials of my journey to receive the care i need. Let it sit with you. THE #GOP DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ME. #defeatdysautonomia #americansdeservehealthcare #healthcareisaright #notaprivilege #expandmedicaidnow
3 days ago
Jesse is an underappreciated genius. Check out anything they wear, say, or do: it will make you a better person. via @jessejesse.jesse・ My bestie made this jacket #premmeirl #nonfemmeinpremme #feministaf 📷: @lydiahudgens #feminism #effyourgenderbinary #feminist #justice #justiceforall #transrightsarehumanrights #healthcareisaright #resist #allpowertothepeople #fashion
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As big of a fan as I was of @jennifer.garner’s work in Alias (used to record it every week!), I'm an even bigger fan of her work advocating for MIECHV, a family assistance program she fought for, and that I led the effort to reauthorize for 5 years. Today we celebrated this bipartisan victory for families! #jennifergarner #MIECHV #womenandchildren #healthcareisaright
8 days ago
With gratitude for those who were assassinated for providing this service, and those who continue to serve despite danger and disapproval, so that people seeking an abortion don't have to turn to back-alley butchers for the procedure. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #abortion #abortionproviders #healthcare #reproductivehealth #istandwithpp #standwithpp #nationalabortionprovidersappreciationday #goddess #egyptian #safety #neveragain #justice #protectwomen #autonomy #womensrightsarehumanrights #healthcareisaright #feminism #gratitude
11 days ago
#healthcareisaright if we have enough tax payer money to fund wars then we can certainly take care of our own. Yes, even the ones you look down on. #americansareamericans
12 days ago
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