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{1x09 || With Arms Outstretched} ⠀ - This ❤️😍 btw Haley video coming soon 🔥😎#OneTreeHill #Naley #NaleyMoments
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— [Lucas Eugene-bean Scott] “It started with a whisper” - my audio - dt: @popcultureslays It’s about time we forgive Lucas for the things he’s done. Yes, Lucas was a douche for what he did, but he’s not the same guy anymore. He may not have had a development as grand as Nathan’s or Brooke’s, but what most fail to understand is that he didn’t have one not because he was always a bad person, but because there wasn’t much to improve. Granted later on he had some dips and dives, but his heart was never tainted. I still desperately want to believe our fandom isn’t the naive and brutally unforgiving hate fest people know it to be. We are better than this, inleast I hope we are.
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PRETTIEST BABY —comment edit ideas please #hilarieburton
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im in love with her hair
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Oth girls | Take a hint
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My Top 10 Tv Shows - 1,5. One Tree Hill The most iconic show ever exist. I love oth with all my heart, seriously. It’s very very very close to my n.1. I love everything about oth. The storylines, the characters, the relationships, the friendships... I saw these guys grown up and become more mature, it’s so inspiring. This show made me laugh, scream, cry, smile and be scared a lot. This show deserves more attention. Anyway, now I want to say something about the core of five. First of all, Haley. She’s my fav character. Everyone hate her for one mistake she made in s2 but in s3 she tries to repair it. She’s so selfless, caring, compassionate, strong, loving, kindhearted, sweet and funny. And maybe she haven’t been trough so much like Brooke and Haley but she don’t need it. Nathan, my fav male. His development leave me breathless. He’s the perfect father for James. He become the man Haley deserves. And I’m really proud of him. I love him with all of myself. Brooke, she’s the most strong character in all the series. And her development is amazing. She’s beautiful inside and outside and I’m really proud of her. I’m grateful for her happy ending. Peyton, at first I dislike her. In s1 for the mistake with Brooke, and in s3/4 for the same reason. In s5 she was to rude with Lindsey and I really dislike her a lot for this reason. But in s2/3 and 6. S6 was for sure her best season. Anyway, now I’m rewatching the show and I like her (even in s1). Anyway, Peyton is so strong and caring. And I miss her. And finally, Lucas. He’s so over-hated. He doesn’t deserve it. He makes mistakes (especially with the loving triangle) but he makes also a lot of beautiful things. And I’m grateful for his happy ending and wedding. Anyway, I love oth with all bottom of heart and I’ll be forever 💘 - Vc: @/scilesstilinski #oth #onetreehill #haleyjames #nathanscott #brookedavis #lucasscott #peytonsawyer #bethanyjoylenz #sophiabush #jameslafferty #hilarieburton #chadmichaelmurray #brucas #braley #naley #breyton #leyton #laley #brulian #braleyton #lydshaley #lydshaleyonetreehill
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So I wanted to start of my new “theme”by posting a Dylan edit but I haven’t had time to edit. The watermark was from my other acc cuz I was supposed to post this edit there and I was too lazy to change it:) I’m kinda nervous to post this cuz I’m afraid that a lot of people are gonna unfollow. But I promise that my next edit will be of Dylan.. (sry for the rant)
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something different —�—�—�—�—�—�—� ac: yt ib: no one dt: @peytinsawyer { #friendshipgrp #logophilegrp #courageousgrp #peacegrp #tricgrp} —�—�—�—�—�—�—� i should edit them more
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