Nature does all the work for me. I just take her picture when she's all good and ready.
11 hours ago
Hi everyone! Today Mom and Dad took me up to the tallest park in Long Beach so we could try and see if we could spot some of the fires. We did! We saw the smoke of the Santa Clarita fire. The Ventura fire is blocked by Malibu hills so there was no way we could see it on this side of San Pedro. We think you could on the other side since the smoke is pouring out over the ocean. She also took me to Costco, our local pet store & Big 5. I got lots of compliments saying how cute I was and someone said I had a nice coat! One lady even recognized that I was a chiweenie at Costco!! That was super exciting as either people don’t know what that is, or they would just never recognize it. The nice lady has 2 chiweenies so she definitely recognized me! Mom put my security shirt on because it’s the shirt that makes me the calmest other than my pj’s and it was too hot for them today. (80°F!) I had an uh oh moment today as I did a small growl at another nice lady at Big 5. Mom says I’m confusing because I was excited and wanted her to pet me. After she pet me & I gave her kisses, I then growled at her. 🤷‍♀️ and last but not least, Signal Hill has oil wells and they automatically turn on and off. The one at the park turned on and scared the bajeebees out of me and I barked at it for 5 minutes. Must protect Mom at all costs. Who will feed me? #featherdustertail - Mom here, The park we went to is in Signal Hill, a city inside of Long Beach. (Cool I know) so it’s also technically IN Long Beach. 😂 If you live in the LA area, I totally recommend going! On a clear day like today (or night) you can easily see downtown LA. It’s a sight!
4 days ago
Declan and dada playing at the park waiting for kiwi cat to get out of school :) #lovemyson #myboy #lovehim #parkdays #playball #soccer #teachthemyoung #outdoors #hilltoppark #dailydeclanfix
4 days ago
My little princess checking out what's left of the snow after Winter Wonderland. I love this San Diego life! #hilltoppark #winterwonderland #sandiegosunset #sandiegomom #sunset #ilovemylife
7 days ago
アメリカ研修旅行2日目終了〜!🇺🇸ヒルトップパークの丘は本当に絶景だった....🤤あと本場のモンスターはいろんな意味でやばい笑 #hilltoppark #queenmary #monster #xmas
8 days ago
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