Love a good excuse to wear this beautiful head piece! I bought this from @empukofficial a little while back ✨ What Golden Snitch jewellery/merch is your favourite?
2 minutes ago
這是在霍格華茲魔法與巫術學院的裡面。 然後為什麼我回學校上課還要跟一大群麻瓜排隊進去啊😑!!!(先生,你入戲太深囉😂~~) 說實話,環球影城裡面就有兩個設施都要排2個小時,都蠻值得的。😊 然後現在讓我說明一下 因為裡面是真的很暗 如直接拍那你只會看到黑黑一片 那開閃光燈 就只能拍到部份場景 P. S第7張是胖小姐(the Fat Lady) #hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry #hattypotterfan #backtoschool
11 minutes ago
ATTENTION🎉 I am going to make an Instagram Q&A! Comment questions below And I am going to answer in a video! #harrypotter #hermoinegranger #ronweasley #hogwarts #hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
19 minutes ago
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