Going with Trumps former aide Hope Hicks as this weeks Woman Crush Wednesday 😍😍😍 Hicks was the White House Communications Director until last week when she resigned. #wcw #trump #hope #hopehicks #whitehouse #beauty #brunette #28yearsyoung #sexy #goingtojail #makeamericagreatagain #makeamericahateagain #bombshell #bombsoverbaghdad
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People Trump Fired or Threatened to Fire, People Who Resigned (Pt 4 of 5) . #OmarosaManigault The former Apprentice contestant and one of Trump's senior African American aides, she resigned in December 2017Β amid reports of a blazing tiff with John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff, at a Christmas party. The White House says she was fired. . * #AndrewMcCabe FBI deputy director McCabe was forced to step down on January 30, after FBI Director Christopher Wray raised concerns about an upcoming Justice Department inspector general report examining McCabe's and other senior officials' actions during the 2016 presidential campaign. . * #BrendaFitzgerald Dr. Fitzgerald resigned on January 31 after Politico reported that she purchased stock in Japan Tobacco while serving as CDC director. Fitzgerald also bought shares of the pharmaceutical companies Merck and Bayer and of the health insurer Humana. . * #RobPorter Porter, a powerful staffer whose profile increased in recent months, resigned February 7 after two of his ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse. . * #HopeHicks White House Communications Director Hicks, was one of Trump's closest confidants who's been with him "since the beginning", announced on February 28 she was resigning. The resignation came a day after she testified before the House Intelligence Committee, where she reportedly said that she told white lies for the president, but never lied about anything consequential related to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. . (Go to Pt 5)
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Part 879 2/28/2018 - Yesterday, during a 9-hour session of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, the fourth person to hold the position, admitted that in service to the President, she had told some "white lies", though she didn't specify what those white lies were. Her refusal to answer questions extended across her tenure at the White House. . . - Today, Hicks resigned. It was a move that Trump officials quickly said was unrelated to either yesterday's session or her attempt, two weeks ago, to clean up the mess around Rob Porter, who at the time she was dating. A key adviser to the President who worked alongside him since before his days as a candidate, Hicks held no prior experience in politics. . . - Her exit was long in the making. Last year, aboard Air Force One, as the President drafted an explanation after the New York Times exposed the meeting that took place in Trump Tower between his son, Donald Jr., and several Russians in 2016, WH spokesman Mark Corallo warned Trump and Hicks that their fabrication wouldn't work because correspondence would one day surface to reveal the meeting's real intentions. "The emails? Those'll never get out because only a few people can get to them anyway!" . . . . . #art #drawing #chicago #chicagoart #penandink #illustration #art🎨 #artwork #art🌎 #artoftheday #donaldtrump #journalism #instajournalism #comicsjournalism #graphicjournalism #comics #comicstrip #politicalcomic #america #americanpolitics #trump #donaldtrump #democrats #republicans #hopehicks #russia #resist
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