"He said take me back to yours, I got something to show ya You must have a beautiful corpse And I would like to get to know ya" Daughter-Undead
9 minutes ago
Just another night in my lair. No biggie. 🃏🃏🃏 This is a photo from my series, THE VENGEANCE ANTHOLOGY. This set, along with others, talk about the multiple conflicts, struggles, growth, destruction, and inevitable survival of QTINB People of color, Black women, WOC, through a horror lens. I crave the idea of vengeance towards my own inner demons, and sometimes think back to my decentralization of white desire. I put myself through hell, attempting to gain romantic acceptance from those who never wanted me in the first place. I had to kill off the toxic conditioning of Eurocentric beauty ideals and breaking down the complexity of self love/identity and the tangibility of them both. It was a dark place to go, but it inevitably served me justice. If you'd like to see this photo set, along with the rest of the anthology, please consider backing my indiegogo campaign (link in bio). THE VENGEANCE ANTHOLOGY is set for release Halloween 2k17. Support black women in horror! 'death becomes him' by Monika Estrella Negra Photo by @audres.revenge.film Special thanks to my homie @joshualobergart for letting me do this to him at two am 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #audresrevengefilm #blackwomeninhorror #vengeanceanthology #halloween2017 #indiegogo #horrorart #blackgirlmagic
20 minutes ago
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