Wrestlemania 9 Date: April 4th 1993 Location: Caesar's Palace in Vegas Number of matches: 9 My fav match: Michaels vs Tatanka Worst match: everything else Overall Rating: 1/10 The Mania from my birth year 1993. My 18 yr old mother would have been quite heavily pregnant with me when this event took place. Wow, what a piece of shit this one is! Absolutely awful. The second worst Mania of all time. It's the first to be held outdoors. The best match (Which is only quite good) was the opener between HBK and Tatanka for the IC title. Although it's too long and has an awful finish, like nearly all the matches at this show. Hogan wrestled in a tag match that went way too long and had an awful finish as well. Doink the clown had one of the worst matches ever with Crush. The Undertaker had the worst match of his entire career with Giant Gonzales who could not wrestle to save his life. It wasn't Taker's fault. Gonzales was awful. And it had a terrible finish. But Gonazles did become victim number 3 in a match which I guarantee Taker has long forgotten about. Hogan's ego and politics made him capture the world title again after a terrible match between Bret and Yokozuna. Why the fuck wouldn't Hogan put Bret over like the original plan was? Yes, Hogan was always a bigger superstar than Bret. But Bret is a much, much better wrestler. No one can deny that. He was the future at this time. The original plan was for Hogan to drop the belt to Bret at Summerslam. But Hogan refused. What's your opinion about the black eye? Do you really think it was jet ski accident or was it Savage? Btw he was a commentator at this event. It was also the debut Mania of the amazing and the best Jim Ross. I miss hearing his voice and passion. Overall this is one of the worst WWE shows ever. It sucks and has one of the worst endings to any show ever. An absolute piece of shit. #moviegeek #filmgeek #moviesaremylife #ilovemovies #stoner #dvdnerd #bluraynerd #horrorlover #wwe #wrestlemania #wrestlemania9 #1993 #wweisnotfake #hulkhogan #ilovewwe #wwefan #ilovewrestlemania #caesarspalace #theundertaker #awful #shit #jimross #shawnmichaels #randysavage #brethart #yokozuna
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I've been watching horror films for a long time, but still not one has been as scary to me as The Descent. It perfectly builds the tension and then doesn't let go until the credits roll. . . . #horror #horrorfan #horrormovie #horrormovies #instahorror #horrorlover #horrorobsessed #horrorfanatic #horrorgram #scary #creepy #movie #thedescent #spelunking
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Tagged by @johnny.voorhees for my least favorite entries in the Major Four Horror Franchises. Remakes do not count! Texas Chainsaw 3D: because this film was technically a sequel to the original film, I would count this as part of the original series. This movie was painful to sit through. You can't help but wonder who approved this script and whether or not they're still employed. Jason Goes to Hell: the ninth installment in the Friday the 13th series is another movie that's painful to sit through. While I respect they tried something different, the filmmakers didn't take the task of bringing Jason back to the big screen seriously, and it shows. This convoluted mess is a slap in the face to fans of the series. Nightmare on Elm Street 5: there aren't any truly horrendous films in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, but if I had to choose the weakest, I would go with Nightmare 5. Although not horrible, it doesn't bring anything new or interesting to the franchise. Halloween: Resurrection: there's no way I could choose any other film in the original series. Universally described as a horrible joke, Resurrection fails to deliver anything but cringe worthy moments. I'm so thankful this film has been definitively erased from canon. What are your least favorite films in the #halloween #nightmareonelmstreet #fridaythe13th and #texaschainsawmassacre franchises? #michaelmyers #jasonvoorhees #freddykrueger #leatherface #instahorror #horrorgram #horrorfanatic #horrorfiend #horroraddict #horrorjunkie #horrornerd #horrorfan #slasherfan #horrorfan4life #horrorgeek #horroraccount #horrorlover #horrorbuff #horrorlife #horrormovies
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