What is this psychological thriller about? Teresa Palmer's character travels alone to Berlin from Australia, meets a stranger, having sex with him at his apartment, after morning she is unable to leave realizing that she is captured. First of all, I really liked this one. It's like "In his apartment, no one can hear your scream.". Beautifully filmed and acted. The production is very well done and visually interesting. Very nice cinematography that it feels cold. I always think Teresa Palmer is one of the most beautiful women, she absolutely looked gorgeous in it, and gave likeable performance. I also loved how she showed us her nude scenes. Damn! 🔥I think those scenes has to be one of the hottest nude movie scenes I've ever seen. The male lead was chilling as her sociopath captor. I've heard some people found the ending disappointing, but I thought it was good. Watch it if you haven't seen because anyone can't refuse to watch where is starring Teresa Palmer in. I'd give it a 9 out of 10. #BerlinSyndrome #TeresaPalmer #MaxRiemelt
3 days ago
What's the scariest lesser known 80's horror film you've seen? Or I mean low budget film. To me it has to be The Nest (1988). It's definitely one of the most terrifying horror movies I've seen of the decade because I have a big fear of cockroaches and it was just insane to see how many cockroaches are there in the movie. But all I have to say that I loved it! It was quite entertaining movie, and yet, it's still extremely disturbing. #TheNest
5 days ago
I can't say if I was excited to see this one, but I actually really enjoyed it. Sure, it's not a horror masterpiece, but It was so fun and bloody movie. The bloody kills are surprisingly awesome, and the gore is on point. The characters were pretty interesting, and it was nice to see Andy, Tiffany and the blonde girl from Child's Play 2 in this. The setting was odd because the insane asylum was too white and clean. The CGI of Chucky really worked for me, he looked like real and was pretty scary. But however, it's better than Leatherface and I think it's as good as Curse of Chucky, so you may like it if you liked Curse of Chucky. I quite enjoyed it and I loved how gory was it was. I'd give it a 8.5 out of 10. #CultofChucky
14 days ago
List an Image Comic character you'd like to see me draw. I'll pick one and draw it this week! Thank you everyone who responded to my question last post! I really appreciate everyone's feedback. I want to try to deliver the content my followers want to see this year. @artbybruce13 said he wanted to see more 90s Image characters like Shadowhawk. I have always liked Shadow Hawk, but I don't think I've ever drawn him before. He's like a combination of Batman, Wolverine, and the Punisher. #shadowhawk #imagecomics #horror_sketches #90scomics #90simage #indiecomics #independentcomics #jimvalentino #talesfromthecrypt #cryptkeeper #creepitreal #creepypasta #igcomics #igcomicbookcommunity #mistressofthedark #igcomicfamily #comicbooks #comicsketch #comicart #halloweeniscoming #horrorjunkie #horrorobssessed #batman #youngblood #xmen #mutants #robliefeld #comicfan #surfaceart #surfacepro
17 days ago
I was really looking forward to The Void (2017) and it's actually much worse than I expected. I mean it's an okay film and it looks like a well-done made film, but it would be better if they put a good script. The characters were weakly written, and the story was just confusing and incoherent, although I love complicated plots, but this one didn't really work for me. It's really slow that I cared for none of the characters and who will survive. The only good parts are the practical effects, lighting and art direction which were pretty good. I'd give it a 6 out of 10. #TheVoid 🔺
23 days ago
Waiting for my Suspiria blu to get here like...
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