Repost from @pbbphoto | Exhausted from a traumatic journey fleeing from Myanmar a Rohingya girl cries while carrying her belongings as thousands are being held near the Bangladesh border for a day under tight security. #bangladesh #humanrights #myanmar #rohingya #refugees
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‼️this is important‼️thank you @onlyhuman for the wonderful shirt & helping to spread the message that everyone is equal & that everyone is HUMAN. it baffles me that this is still a very prevalent issue in 2017. definitely going to rock this at the gym later! #onelove #humanrights #equality #equalityforeveryone #fitness #charity #donate #spreadlove #mindset #makeachange #makeadifference #bebetter #accepteveryone #accpetyourself #accpetothers #gymlife #thursdaymotivation #thursday #americanmade #loveeveryone #stopthehate
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I hate when guys say they were glad they were circumcised as a baby so they wouldn’t have to do it as an adult. What fucking pussies. Also, it’s very rare to ever need to be circumcised as an adult. It is a cosmetic procedure after all. #circumcision #circumcised #boy #babyboy #boybump #bump #babybump #pregnantlife #pregnantwithaboy #pregnant #researchcircumcision #research #mendocomplain #iamnotthankful #humanrights #men #cutterlogic #america
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D+MThis is my life , this is my journey , this is my story , this is my history , this is my human nature , this is my dream , this is why I have survived on my own , I am ALI born biologically by @muhammadali , I am his only SON , I have a story to tell , I need HELP for my LIFE has been under attack since I was a CHILD , I am MAN , SEE MY TRUTH WITH YOUR EYES OPENED . JUSTICE , FREEDOM & PEACE for all #muhammadali #ibnmuhammadali #blood #son #child #birth #dad #olympics #boxing #sports #champion #gold #medal #survivor #real #life #story #freedom #peace #love #help #survivor #justice #world #humanrights #truthseekers #gameofthrones #legend #batman
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Senator Dianne Feinstein of California speaking before the U.S. Senate uses a blow up of the "SHAME ON U.S." front page of the New York Daily News during her gun debate speech. * Senator Dianne Feinstein says Daily News 'SHAME ON U.S.' front page 'carries the message' of assault weapons ban. * Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) forcefully called for an assault weapons ban Wednesday by taking to the Senate floor with a blow-up of a Daily News front page that featured photos of the Newtown victims and the headline, "SHAME ON U.S." * "Shame on us", she declared. "I think it carries the message of what we're trying to do here", said Feinstein, who revealed she brings a copy of the front page "when I try to get people's votes" on an assault weapons ban. * Feinstein knows her amendment has little chance of passage, with just 23 co-sponsors. But a 20-year crusade by her is unrelenting, includes numerous hearings with expert witnesses and is based on the belief that "the proliferation of this weapon goes to the heart of what kind of society we want to live in". * She quickly focused on the "horrific massacre at Newtown" and underscored how Sandy Hook Elementary "was s safe school in a safe town. It was inconceivable that such a tragedy could happen there." "It is fair to say this shocked the conscience of America. The pictures of these little victims still bring tears to the eyes of millions", she said. She reinforced her argument by noting that the failed proposal for expanded background checks, which she supported, would not have impacted Adam Lanza, the Newtown murderer. * "These weapons are crafted to be as effective as possible at killing human beings", she said, quoting congressional testimony by a Colorado prosecutor, John Walsh. (not the whole article) * James Warren, New York Daily News 17 April 2013. * #diannefeinstein #barackobama #joebiden #masshooting #sandyhookschool #lasvegas #gunviolence #guncontrol #gunlaws #secondamendment #constitution #gunpolicy #congress #whitehouse #donaldtrump #unitedstates #freedom #democracy #humanrights #equality #justice #education #lgbt #blacklivesmatter
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I’m a Muslim Gay Activist! I’m Latino Portuguese living in the United Kingdom. I love my identity and I’m proud of it. #eddieantónio #gaymuslim #queer #activist #humanrights #mentalhealth #pride #proud #gaybear #gay #instagood #instadaily #instafun #selfie #gaystagram #progressivemuslim #instagay #peace #followme #follow
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Militären i Burma dödar, förföljer, våldtar och fördriver rohingyas i detta nu. Vi har varit på plats och kan nu bekräfta det brott mot mänskligheten som pågår. #amnesty #amnestyinternational #rohingyas #burma #bangladesh #humanrights #mänskligarättigheter
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I've been struggling to find the words when it has come to #MeToo. I've never been raped unlike several of my friends. I don't feel like anything truly terrible has happened to me. I've become accustomed to the catcalling - even though it annoys the hell out of me because I feel like a piece of meat instead of a human. I've had authority figures in my life make passes where I felt uncertain on what actions I could take in which case I just fell silent and fumed with anger... But then I started thinking of what else I have become used to as women in this world I live in. I started thinking about how when I was a little girl my parents told me to be cautious when I was outside playing, to not talk to strangers, and if someone asks me to go with them never to do so. I thought about when I first heard about two female victims in a local park when I was in middle school and being afraid to go to any parks alone. I thought about when I was in high school and started going to friend's parties that I was told by my mom that if I set my cup down not to drink from it but to get a new cup...just in case. I thought about how when I first started driving on my own to always check the backseat of my car because there had been cases where women have been attacked by break ins. I thought about how one of my best friends bought me pepper spray once we started college because she was worried about me walking to my car on the college campus when it got dark. I thought about how my girlfriends showed me how to hold my keys in between my fingers. I thought of the time I was walking home late at night from an acting class, the studio was only a block away from where I lived so I didn't see the point of driving, and a man walked out of the shadows and said "Tonight is my lucky night" and then hearing him laugh as I ran as fast as I could to get away. I don't like walking outside by myself when it's dark. I check my backseat whenever I drive. I'm cautious where I hike, often wishing I had a big dog so I could feel more protected. At parties I watch my drink. I've become used to holding my keys like a weapon or having my finger on my pepper spray. So yeah #MeToo
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#metoo Print by @noxoutfashion ▫️ Sexual harassment is still treated as a taboo in many societies. ▪️ Thousands and thousands of people are currently sharing their experiences on social media and therefore give a slight inside into the magnitude of the problem. ▫️ The problem though is not the lack of “victims“ who speak about it but rather the lack of the “attacker“ feeling addressed.* ▪️ Some people complain about the unveiling of pain. But how shall people deal with pain instead? ▫️ Nowadays, in our digital age, debates regularly take place on social media: for a global exchange, for reciprocal empowerment - regardless of (geographical) distance. ▪️ Though distance is an integral part of the problem: distance between attacker - who is not willing to be proclaimed as such - and victim. Between victim and attacker - who feels guilty. Guilt becomes shame. And shame often turns into silence. ▫️ Let us all take part in reducing distances and creating a collective dialogue instead. ▪️ For you. For me. For all of us.✊ ______________________________________________ *using “attacker“ and “victim“ as gender-neutral terms.
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Bob Shaban, 37, holds a handful of freshwater snails pulled from the banks Lake Victoria in Uganda. These small snails often harbor schistosomes, a parasitic flatworm that thrives in bodies of water contaminated by the feces or urine of an infected host. These worms can penetrate skin, leaving those who swim bath or wash their clothes in containmenated water vulnerable for infection. Schistosomiasis, also known as bilharzia, is endemic in Uganda (prevalence rate 9.1% / confidence interval 6.1-14.8%), and can lead to liver damage, kidney failure and bladder cancer or even death if left untreated. Photo: Katie G. Nelson / RTI #PublicHealthNerd #RecoveringMPH #Uganda #LakeVictoria #Health #InfectiousDiease #HumanRights #OnAssignment #Disease #nikon #photojournalism #Photography #Beach #Lake #Environment #photography #onassignment #thisweekoninstagram #documentaryphotography #NTD
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