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A huge thank you to all who have made these achievements possible, to our staff, our supplies but most of all to the customers. Thank you all. #urbane #threehats #oneofthebest #theeuro #amazing #humble #bestinstate #restaurant #goodfoodawards #thankyou #fourhattedvenue
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6 months now since my dad unexpectedly passed away, and for a while, I kept asking myself where did he go? But now when I look in the mirror I feel connected to him. I see him everywhere in everything I love. When he left I felt some of his energy redistributed in me. He's blessed me with peace of mind and strength to be there for my family. I walk stronger and low to the ground. #humble #mood #vibes #life #afterlife
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As our vacation draws to a close, I sit here reminiscing about all that we have done, all of the memories made, all of the new milestones Landon has hit and so much more! I'm so thankful to have this precious time with my family. I'm saddened that my husband had to stay home and work and I cannot wait for the day that we are financially free and can travel the world together as a complete family. Coaching has been an amazing addition to my life because of the friendships I've made and the financial help it has provided our family. If you were financially free from debt, what would you do with your income? Comment Below! ⬇️ If you're interested in learning more about what I do as a coach. [Fill out the link in my bio!] I am running a sneak peek on Facebook beginning on Wednesday! 😍
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Squeeze that sh*t! 🔥🐵
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Inspiration n°75 : King Kendrick : Immense figure du rap hip hop américain et maintenant devenu juste une star emblématique de l'industrie de la musique. Avec son dernier album : "DAMN." , Lamar a su s'imposer comme étant l'un des meilleurs rappeurs de tout les temps. Mais Kendrick Lamar n'est pas qu'une génie de la musique, c'est aussi une personnalité très stylé. En effet, il s'affiche avec son propre style plus particulièrement le streetstyle et le sportwear. Survêtement en studio, tshirts et hoodies sur scène ; le rappeur se montre aussi parfois avec un look chic mais qui reste toujours branché. Alors il a bien réussi son pari de encore nous surprendre et a nous confirmer son talent. #kendricklamar #rihanna #loyalti #humble #love #king #great #rapper #genius #fashion #newyork #losangeles #alright #billboard #kanyewest #kimkardashian #travisscott #future #nickiminaj #maskoff #black #dontcair #power #rich #photoshoot #gqstyle #beautiful #october
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