One of my swimming #students , “T” gave me this on the final day of lessons. He had always come with his grandmother to classes, so I had assumed that she took care of him during the day. At one point during the classes, he mentioned that he lives with his grandmother, but I thought little of it. When he gave me the ornament though, I asked if they had vacationed in St. Croix, and his grandmother told me no, T and his parents lived there, but their home had been destroyed with the #hurricanes and so he was living with her until after Christmas, when he would go back to his parents (who were still in St. Croix rebuilding their home). T had been one of my more challenging students during the lessons because he had so much energy and I had only so much time to direct it in positive ways. Hearing his story made his behavior a lot more understandable, and heartbreaking at the same time. Thank you T, for being a reminder of why we should always be #thankful for the #blessings we have, and for the opportunities to listen to others’ #stories ...there is so much to learn in this life. #thankfulthursday #blessed🙏 #blessedtoteachthem #graciasadios🙏 #bendiciones🙏 #stcroixusvi #hurricanemaria
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Me acuerdo nosotros de presenta’os, jueves después de #HurricaneMaria
2 hours ago
This Sunday I will be playing a few songs alone in my new spaceship!! I go on around 10 for realz. Lots of friends will be rallying for the cause and playing music from their own dazzling ships! 20 dollar donation going to many in need and still struggling from the effects of Hurricane Maria . Come party with a purpose!! KGB RED ROOM. 85 E.4th st. NYC #puertorico #musicforacause #hurricanemaria #stephonikyouth 🖤@davewanamakermusic @thevelveteenwolf @stringnoise @citizenreno @rockridgerec ✨thank you dear @starfisher66 🇵🇷👊🏽💋
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Just to confirm we are in aguadilla. Can't keep that Puerto Rican spirit down baby!!! #puertoricoselevanta #puertorico #hurricanemaria #onlypositivevibes #rise #humanspirit #strongpeople #puertoricans #proud #resilient
6 hours ago
More fiya more fiya!!!! University of Puerto Rico son!! Chea!!! I got signal here !!! #puertoricoselevanta #puertorico #hurricanemaria #onlypositivevibes #rise #humanspirit #strongpeople #puertoricans #proud #resilient
7 hours ago
‼️911 Call to Action‼️ we have 35 more Classrooms that we need to get adopted! Email us at to sign up!
3 hours ago
Okay quick drawing before bed! I just wanted to welcome back @jinelys_art (whom we lost contact with during Hurricane Maria)!! We really missed you and are extremely happy to have you back! - - - #welcomeback #hurricanemaria
3 hours ago
@adoptafamilyusvi team member Chrystie Payne adopted 10 Classrooms through our #adoptaclassroom program! Here she is delivering her supplies to Elementary students in St. Thomas! To sign up to adopt a family or classroom visit
3 hours ago
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