✩ 18 de octubre de 2017 ✩ Desde Colombia hemos seleccionado este magnífico retrato !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⠀ ⠀ 📷 Foto @camiloadelgado ⠀ 〽️Los invitamos a visitar su extraordinaria galería 👊👍👍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⠀ ☆sigue ☞ @IDLatino⠀ ⠀ ☆tag ☞ #IDLatino⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ☆selecció n ☞ @jfajardos71 ⠀ ☆Miembros de ☞ @ID_Community ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #idlat_camiloadelgado
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Sometimes you wake up and there's just one thing on your mind. For me today, that thing was a place, the place I funny enough still call home, the unlike any other New York City. It's hard being far from home, right? Far from everything you came to know, to love, where you grew most and where you are most at peace and at home in, where your heart is joyous and you are more yourself than ever, a better self, a happier self. I owe this place the world because that's what it gave me, and though I love it we must remain for now apart, but not without having my mind and heart always on the possibility of one day laying eyes on it again. To come back, exhale and finally say "I'm home again"❤️
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✖️- The Color Voyage -✖️Colors Vol. 2 Pt 2 out of 3 || @_Murder.com_💀 || Now We Teleport from The State of Minnesota to the State of Michigan 🔥 This place was the icing on the cake when @rosi.visuals and I went hunting for colors but our hunger for colors hasn't stopped as we are venturing to Wisconsin this upcoming weekend for some more banging ass sites 😄🍁🍃 Whats your favorite season hands down?? Shot taken with the Iphone 9 Plus sponsored by Black Santa 🎅🏿✊🏿 Weeerrrd🆙‼️ . • . . #all2epic #moodytoning #vscogood_ #michigansun #puremichigan #puremittigan #pr0ject_uno #michiganders #mittenlove #michigan #artofvisuals #special_shots #earth_deluxe #leagueoflenses #earthvisuals #michiganoverboard #michigrammers #igersusa #usaprimeshot #puremichiganders #exploringglobe #droneaddicts #folkvibe #droneofficials #hbouthere #igersmidwest #midwestmoment #shotoniphone
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