He’s definitely my favorite Morehouse brother ... that could be because he’s so awesome OR because he’s also my only Morehouse brother lol. Thank you sooo much for my belated birthday celebration!! I had such a good time that I forgot I had a phone and didn’t get pictures of anything so I stole theses random pictures from your page! But today was great and I appreciate you like a gazillion times ten. We have been so blessed with this ongoing bond and we have a lifetime to go!!! Thanks again!!!..... P.s - He convinced me to eat RABBIT & OCTOPUS!!!! Both in one night! But since he got me hip to sushi and edamame years ago I trust him with my food selections!! P.s.s - yes ladies HE is single and WE are looking but IM picky so come correct lmao!!! #hesthebest #morehousebrother #spelmansister #spelhouse #whodoeshethinkheis #thankyou #blessed #thankful #bdaycelebrations #finallysawjumanji #jumanjiwelcometothejungle #jumanjiwasgreat #camtheman #iguessilltaghimforyall
1 month ago